Downloaded Sample Clauses

Downloaded. 16.6.2 For determining the obligations of the Concessionaire under this Clause 16.6, the provisions of Clauses 16.1, 16.2 and 16.4 shall apply mutatis mutandis, and upon issue of Change of Scope Order by the Authority hereunder, the Concessionaire shall pay forthwith the sum specified therein.
Downloaded. 1.4.2 Subject to the provisions of Clause 1.4.1, in case of ambiguities or discrepancies within this Agreement, the following shall apply:
Downloaded. 8.1.2 The Concessionaire acknowledges and hereby accepts the risk of inadequacy, mistake or error in or relating to any of the matters set forth in Clause 8.1.1 above and hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Authority shall not be liable for the same in any manner whatsoever to the Concessionaire, {the Consortium Members and their} Associates or any person claiming through or under any of them.
Downloaded. 13.5.2 The Concessionaire shall, pursuant to the notice under Clause 13.5.1, suspend the Construction Works or any part thereof for such time and in such manner as may be specified by the Authority and thereupon carry out remedial measures to secure the safety of suspended works and the users. The Concessionaire may by notice require the Independent Engineer to inspect such remedial measures forthwith and make a report to the Authority recommending whether or not the suspension hereunder may be revoked. Upon receiving the recommendations of the Independent Engineer, the Authority shall either revoke such suspension or instruct the Concessionaire to carry out such other and further remedial measures as may be necessary in the reasonable opinion of the Authority, and the procedure set forth in this Clause 13.5 shall be repeated until the suspension hereunder is revoked.
Downloaded. If either Party disputes any advice, instruction, decision, direction or award of the Independent Engineer, or, as the case may be, the assertion or failure to assert jurisdiction, the Dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Procedure. from Downloaded Part IV Financial Covenants
Downloaded. The Concessionaire hereby further releases, assigns and waives any and all rights of subrogation or recovery against, inter alia, the Authority and its assigns, undertakings and their subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, successors, insurers and underwriters, which the Concessionaire may otherwise have or acquire in or from or in any way connected with any loss, liability or obligation covered by policies of insurance maintained or required to be maintained by the Concessionaire pursuant to this Agreement (other than third party liability insurance policies) or because of deductible clauses in or inadequacy of limits of any such policies of insurance.‌
Downloaded. 20.1.3 The Concessionaire shall abide by and implement any instructions of the Authority for enhancing the security within and around the Bus Terminal. The Concessionaire shall not be entitled to any compensation for disruption of its operations or loss or damage resulting from the Authority’s actions or the actions of any organisation authorised by the Authority other than those resulting from wilful or grossly negligent acts or omissions of such organisation. The Authority agrees that it shall cause the relevant organisations to take such actions as reasonably deemed necessary by them, without unduly or unreasonably disrupting the operations of the Bus Terminal or interfering with the exercise of rights or fulfilment of obligations by the Concessionaire under this Agreement. The Concessionaire agrees that it shall extend its full support and cooperation to the Authority and to the other organisations authorised by the Authority in the discharge of their obligations thereunder.
Downloaded. (C) The Authority had prescribed the technical and commercial terms and conditions, and invited bids (the “Request for Proposals” or “RFP”) from the bidders shortlisted pursuant to the RFQ for undertaking the Project.
Downloaded. 17.9.2 The Authority shall have the right, and the Concessionaire hereby expressly grants to the Authority the right, to recover the costs and Damages specified in Clause 17.9.1 directly from the Escrow Account as if such costs and Damages were O&M Expenses, and for that purpose, the Concessionaire hereby agrees to give irrevocable instructions to the Escrow Bank to make payment from the Escrow Account in accordance with the instructions of the Authority under this Clause 17.9.2 and debit the same to O&M Expenses.

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