Dividend Equivalents Sample Clauses

Dividend Equivalents. The Committee is authorized to grant Dividend Equivalents to a Participant, entitling the Participant to receive cash, Stock, other Awards, or other property equal in value to dividends paid with respect to a specified number of shares of Stock, or other periodic payments. Dividend Equivalents may be awarded on a free-standing basis or in connection with another Award. The Committee may provide that Dividend Equivalents shall be paid or distributed when accrued or shall be deemed to have been reinvested in additional Stock, Awards, or other investment vehicles, and subject to such restrictions on transferability and risks of forfeiture, as the Committee may specify.

Dividend Equivalents. Dividend equivalents may be credited in respect of shares of Common Stock covered by a Restricted Stock Unit Award, as determined by the Board and contained in the Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement. At the sole discretion of the Board, such dividend equivalents may be converted into additional shares of Common Stock covered by the Restricted Stock Unit Award in such manner as determined by the Board. Any additional shares covered by the Restricted Stock Unit Award credited by reason of such dividend equivalents will be subject to all of the same terms and conditions of the underlying Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement to which they relate.

Dividend Equivalents. During the period beginning on the Grant Date and ending on the date that Shares are issued in settlement of a Restricted Stock Unit, the Grantee will accrue dividend equivalents on Restricted Stock Units (including electively deferred 409A RSUs) equal to the cash dividend or distribution that would have been paid on the Restricted Stock Unit had the Restricted Stock Unit been an issued and outstanding Share of Common Stock on the record date for the dividend or distribution. Such accrued dividend equivalents (i) will vest and become payable upon the same terms and at the same time of settlement as the Restricted Stock Units to which they relate, and (ii) will be denominated and payable solely in cash. Dividend equivalent payments, at settlement, will be net of applicable federal, state, local and foreign income and social insurance withholding taxes (subject to Section 8).

Dividend Equivalents. Any Participant selected by the Committee may be granted Dividend Equivalents based on the dividends declared on the Shares that are subject to any Award, to be credited as of dividend payment dates, during the period between the date the Award is granted and the date the Award is exercised, vests or expires, as determined by the Committee. Such Dividend Equivalents shall be converted to cash or additional Shares by such formula and at such time and subject to such limitations as may be determined by the Committee.

Dividend Equivalents. Unless otherwise determined by the Committee at date of grant, Dividend Equivalents on the specified number of shares of Stock covered by an Award of Restricted Stock Units shall be either (A) paid with respect to such Restricted Stock Units on the dividend payment date in cash or in shares of unrestricted Stock having a Fair Market Value equal to the amount of such dividends, or (B) deferred with respect to such Restricted Stock Units and the amount or value thereof automatically deemed reinvested in additional Restricted Stock Units.

Dividend Equivalents. Dividend Equivalents shall accrue with respect to Performance Units and shall be payable subject to the same Performance Goals, vesting terms and other conditions as the Performance Units to which they relate. Dividend Equivalents shall be credited on the Performance Units when dividends are declared on shares of Company Stock from the Date of Grant until the payment date for the vested Performance Units. The Company will keep records of Dividend Equivalents in a non-interest bearing bookkeeping account for the Grantee. No interest will be credited to any such account. Vested Dividend Equivalents shall be paid in cash at the same time and subject to the same terms as the underlying vested Performance Units. If and to the extent that the underlying Performance Units are forfeited, all related Dividend Equivalents shall also be forfeited.

Dividend Equivalents. If the Company pays an ordinary cash dividend on its outstanding Common Stock at any time between the Date of Grant and the Settlement Date (as defined in Section 6 below) provided that the date on which stockholders of record are determined for purposes of paying a cash dividend on issued and outstanding shares of the Common Stock falls after the Date of Grant the Participant shall receive on the Settlement Date: (a) a number of Shares having a Fair Market Value on the Vesting Date equal to the aggregate amount of the cash dividends paid by the Company on a single share of the Common Stock, multiplied by the number of RSUs that are settled on the Settlement Date; or (b) a lump sum cash payment equal to the aggregate amount of the cash dividends paid by the Company on a single share of the Common Stock, multiplied by the number of RSUs that are settled on the Settlement Date ((a) or (b) as applicable, the Dividend Payment); provided, however, that in the case of (a), any partial Share resulting from the calculation will be paid in cash.

Dividend Equivalents. The Employee shall become entitled to receive from the Company on the Vesting Date a cash payment equaling the same amount(s) that the holder of record of a number of shares of Common Stock equal to the number of RSUs covered by this Agreement, that are held by the Employee on the close of business on the business day immediately preceding the Vesting Date, would have been entitled to receive as dividends on such Common Stock during the period commencing on the effective date hereof and ending on the Vesting Date as provided under Paragraph 2. Payments under this Paragraph shall be net of any required withholding taxes. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, for any Employee who is no longer an employee on the payroll of any subsidiary or affiliate of the Company on the payment date of the dividend equivalents, and such subsidiary or affiliate has determined, with the approval of the Corporate Vice President, Human Resources of the Company, that it is not administratively feasible for such subsidiary or affiliate to pay such dividend equivalents, the Employee will not be entitled to receive such dividend equivalents.

Dividend Equivalents. With respect to the number of Performance Share Units set forth in the Grant Notice, the Participant shall be credited with Dividend Equivalents with respect to each such Performance Share Unit equal to the amount per share of Common Stock of any ordinary cash dividends declared by the Board with record dates during the period beginning on the first day of the Performance Cycle and ending on the earliest to occur of: (a) the last day of the Performance Cycle; (b) the date of a Change in Control and (c) the date such Performance Share Unit terminates or is forfeited under Section 3 or Section 4. The Corporation shall pay in cash to the Participant an amount equal to the product of (i) sum of the aggregate amount of such Dividend Equivalents credited to the Participant, multiplied by (ii) the Earned Percentage, such amount to be paid as and when the related Performance Share Units are paid in accordance with Section 5 or Section 6, as applicable. Any Dividend Equivalents shall be forfeited as and when the related Performance Share Units are forfeited in accordance with Section 3 or Section 4.

Dividend Equivalents. If the Administrator provides, a grant of Restricted Share Units may provide a Participant with the right to receive Dividend Equivalents. Dividend Equivalents may be paid currently or credited to an account for the Participant, settled in cash or Shares and subject to the same restrictions on transferability and forfeitability as the Restricted Share Units with respect to which the Dividend Equivalents are granted and subject to other terms and conditions as set forth in the Award Agreement.