Disturbance Sample Clauses

Disturbance. Immediately upon request from RSA Conference Organizer, Company shall remove any exhibit (or element thereof) that, in RSA Conference Organizer’s sole discretion, is deemed objectionable, unsafe or detracts from the Exhibition because of noise, method of operation, or any other reason. Company agrees not to display nor offer for sale at the Exhibition any products, services, or promotional materials that (a) infringe the intellectual property or other rights of RSA Conference Organizer or any other third party; or (b) disparage or depict RSA Conference Organizer or any other RSA Conference sponsor or exhibitor in an objectionable manner as determined by RSA Conference Organizer in its sole discretion, pursuant to this Section 3. RSA Conference Organizer reserves the right to remove or have removed any such exhibits (or element thereof) in its sole discretion. In no event shall any RSA Conference Party be liable for any refund or other damages or expenses incurred by Company in connection with or arising out of any actions taken by RSA Conference Organizer pursuant to this Section 3.
Disturbance. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stipulated in the present Lease, the Tenant will not hold the Landlord in any way responsible for any damages or annoyance which the Tenant may sustain through the fault of any tenant who occupies any premises adjacent to, near, above or under the Leased Premises, and renounces any claims it may have against the Landlord pursuant to Article 1636 of the Civil Code of Lower Canada.
Disturbance. 3.4.1 In both marine and terrestrial habitats, the Parties shall seek to minimise disturbance of albatrosses and petrels, and to establish and maintain some areas that are kept free from disturbance.
Disturbance. No noise, or conduct, shall be permitted at any time which will disturb or annoy other lessees.
Disturbance. Lessee should not disturb or allow others to disturb the lessor, or other lessees in the building.
Disturbance. Work shall be scheduled so as not to disturb surrounding tenants in any way. Knowingly offensive work such as coring, oil painting, polymix, sawing, or any operation which can cause noise or odor disturbances to other tenants shall be conducted during non-business hours. Demolition shall be conducted during non-business hours only. Demolition debris is to be placed in hampers and covered during transport from the work area to the disposal area and removed from the premises during non-business hours only. *Common area work shall be conducted during non-business hours. Contractor shall at all times minimize noise or activities which may be disturbing to residential neighbors, i.e. trucking activities, light testing, alarm testing, etc. Radios are not allowed. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building. ELEVATORS Contractor shall not exceed elevator loading limits and will be held responsible for any repairs necessitated due to overloading. At all times, building elevator pads must be used by construction personnel to protect the elevators. Building Management shall be notified 24 hours in advance of intended use of elevators for construction purposes. Extended use of the elevator for construction purposes shall not be allowed during business hours. *TRASH AND DEBRIS Removal of trash and debris shall be conducted during non-business hours. Placement of dumpsters is to be arranged with building management. The building dumpsters are not available for construction use or for the disposal of Hazardous Substances. *DELIVERIES Delivery of any bulk stock or materials is to be scheduled with building management 24 hours in advance. In most cases, bulk stock deliveries will be permitted only during non-business hours. Delivery vehicles which do not fit into the loading zone, i.e. tractor trailers, large flat beds, etc., are not permitted in the parking lot during business hours. FIRE ALARM AND SPRINKLER The building is sprinkler-ready in compliance with the Massachusetts State Building code. Alterations to the existing sprinkler system or changing of head placement requires Landlord approval. All work must comply with the State Building Code as required. The building(s) are equipped with multi-zone smoke detection and fire alarm systems. Capacity will be provided to our audible fire alarm system and connection points per floor for code required devices. The electrical contractor must coordinate final tie-in with the building alarm company and the Managemen...
Disturbance. The Convenantors shall not allow on any of the lots any activity which creates nuisance, disturbance or damage to any owner or occupier of neighbouring lots.
Disturbance. The Lessee agrees and covenants not to make or permit disturbing noises to be made by Lessee, Lessee’s family, licensees, and/or invitees in the premises or the building or the grounds thereof, nor do or permit anything by such persons which is unlawful, improper, or otherwise offensive to or which will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of surrounding neighbors.
Disturbance. (a) When you are required by us to transfer, and the transfer includes the removal of your household property, a disturbance allowance is payable to you, at the rates below:
Disturbance. Licensee shall not make nor permit Licensee's family, friends, relatives, invitees, visitors, or agents, to make any disturbing noise or other nuisance in or about the interior or exterior of Building that will interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of other occupants of the Building. Licensee shall not allow children to be left unsupervised in the premises or in any common areas of the Building, including halls, stairways, playroom, laundry room or other interior or exterior public areas in or about the Building.