Disciplinary Sample Clauses

Disciplinary. The employee is separated by the employer for disciplinary cause arising from the employee's performance or non-performance of job responsibilities. Such action occurs at any necessary point in time
Disciplinary. Contractors may use their own disciplinary processes as the need arises, and in line with those stipulated in the contract (e.g. SHEQ requirements). In the case where ERI is unsatisfied with the disciplinary outcome, or the process is seen as inequitable to the workforce (e.g. employees working in the same area), ERI reserves the right to conduct its own investigation. In the case where employees are regarded as part of ERI, ERI will conduct its own disciplinary procedures. Otherwise ERI may request the supplier to remove, or reinstate, the resource in question with a replacement immediately.
Disciplinary process There is a formal and communicated disciplinary process in place to take action against employees who have committed an information security breach.
Disciplinary. Employer requires a good standard of discipline and conduct from Employee together with satisfactory standards of work. Full details of the Employer’s Disciplinary Procedure will be contained in the employee handbook or in such other policy document as Employer may generate.
Disciplinary. The Administration may take progressive disciplinary action against any Unit Member for conviction of a felony or a major misdemeanor in accordance with state law, or for violations of or failure to comply with, any provisions of this contract or any reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Board. Such disciplinary action may be imposed as follows:
Disciplinary. 3.1 I acknowledge that the UC UTM and/or my respective Team Manager will assess the standard of my behaviour. Should the need arise my behaviour may also be assessed by the UC Life! CEO, or his or her nominee.