Demonstrations Sample Clauses

Demonstrations. Aisles must not be obstructed at any time. Demonstrations must be conducted within the aisle line of the exhibit space. If several spectators are expected to congregate at one time, space must be left within each exhibit area in which an audience may gather. Should spectators interfere with normal traflc flow in the aisle or overflow into the aisle, show management reserves the right to request that such presentations be limited or discontinued.
Demonstrations. As a matter of safety and courtesy to others, exhibitors should conduct sales presentations and product demonstrations in a manner which assures all exhibitor personnel and attendees are within the contracted exhibit space and not encroaching on the aisle or in neighboring exhibits. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange displays, product presentation and demonstration areas to ensure compliance.
Demonstrations. If the District considers a need, proposers shall be required to arrange demonstrations of items. Failure to be able to provide such working demonstration may disqualify the proposal.
Demonstrations. Upon US Airways' request, subject to GI-Inc's agreement, GI-Inc, at its expense, will provide demonstrations of CTMS Services to CTMS Customers and/or CTMS Agents. GI-Inc will coordinate the content and scheduling of such demonstrations with US Airways.
Demonstrations. No demonstrations or solicitations shall be permitted outside of the Exhibitor’s assigned space, and no signs or placards may be displayed on persons or otherwise outside exhibit spaces.
Demonstrations. Business Partner shall provide HBOC a reasonable amount of sales support which may include demonstrations of the BP Software, either at an HBOC or HBOC Customer site, and attendance at sales presentations by HBOC.
Demonstrations. In addition to Acceptance Testing, Licensee or its contractor shall demonstrate to the Department specification compliance in an acceptable manner in the following areas: · Non-Interfering System Capacity (Concourse nor its contractor shall not be responsible for encroachment of external signal levels into the coverage area.) · RF Coverage within the zone of coverage meeting the specification as follows: · RF measurement within the coverage zone shall be sub- zoned into measurement areas no larger than 50,000 ft2 · The total of all sub-zones shall meet the stated specification for each service band.
Demonstrations. In-store and food service promotions, product demonstrations to the trade and to consumers, and shipment of promotional samples (excluding the cost of the samples themselves). Temporary displays and space rental for displays, such as end-of-aisle and gondola displays. International Trade Shows: Booth fees, freight for samples, booth set-up costs, electricity, furniture rental, and part-time contractors to demonstrate or interpret at the show. Travel is eligible for U.S. Participants only. A photo of the entire booth taken during the show must accompany an expense claim for this activity. International Trade Seminars: Designed to inform industry representatives about U.S. brands and products. This includes site rental, audio-visual rental, interpreters, translation, and duplication of seminar materials. This does not include travel expenses, food and beverage costs, or seminar attendance fees. Part-Time Contractors: Demonstrators, interpreters, translators, and receptionists to assist with promotional activities, such as in-store demonstrations, trade shows, and seminars. Advertising: Production and placement of advertisements in magazines, newspapers, billboards, posters, and direct-mail advertising. Production and placement of television and radio advertising is also eligible. Again, these ads must conform to the U.S. product origin identification requirement and promote the brand approved in the WUSATA FundMatch Program. Coupons are not eligible.