DECLARES Sample Clauses

DECLARES. 1. That as a result of the knowledge of its own business structure, of its management or supervision bodies (including fiduciary companies and holding companies), as well as any other information available to the Company [2] there are no/there are [3] : People who hold senior management positions (director, senior manager with strategic responsibilities) within Enel Group companies, or auditor positions for the ENEL Group; Employees of the ENEL Group companies; With reference to the subjects mentioned in points a) and b), family/second degree relatives/spouse not legally separated/cohabitant/spouse or children of their partner/who are related by blood or affinity to him/her;
DECLARES. 1. That from the analysis of the composition of its own shareholding, of its management or control bodies (including trusts and holding companies), as well as any other information available to the Company [2] There is no / There is [3] :
DECLARES. 1. do not cover / cover [1] - within the ENEL Group companies a role in senior management (director, senior manager with strategic responsibilities), an employee of the same company or the auditor of the ENEL Group;
DECLARES. To be the beneficial owner of any interest payment received under the Facility Agreement with respect to a commitment amount of [ ] (the “Amount”) and: (Please check one of the following four boxes, if applicable) o That [Lender’s Name] is a credit institution established in a member state of the European Union. o That [Lender’s Name] is an insurance company incorporated in a member state of the European Union and authorized under the legislative provisions of a member state of the European Union. o That [Lender’s Name] is an institutional investor, whether or not subject to tax, established in a country or territory which allow for a satisfactory exchange of information with Italy and included in the White List, and therein subject to regulatory supervision. o That [Lender’s Name] is an entity listed under Article 2, paragraph 5, numbers from 4) to 23), of Directive 2013/36/EU. That the sub-participation/lending of the Amount (i) is not subject to the Italian statutory and regulatory provisions on reserved banking or lending activities under Legislative Decree No. 144 385 of 1 September 1993 or Legislative Decree No. 58 dated 24 February 1998, as the case may be, or (ii), in case it is subject, it is not in breach of the aforesaid provisions. Place and date of signature Signature of Legal Representative of [Name and Surname] [Title] 145 SCHEDULE 12 EXISTING SECURITY NOT APPLICABLE 146 SCHEDULE 13 PART I CONDITIONS PRECEDENT REQUIRED TO BE DELIVERED BY AN ADDITIONAL GUARANTOR
DECLARES to grant a power of attorney to each civil-law notary, prospective civil-law notary and notarial paralegal, of Stibbe N.V. in Amsterdam to:
DECLARES that this resolution supersedes Resolution A37-9. Appendix K: Extract from working paper A38-WP/238 (Halon replacement) presented by the International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA) to the 38th session of the ICAO General Assembly (October 2013)‌ …2.3 Engine and APU 2.3.1 In 2010, ICCAIA agreed with the proposed 2014 timeframe for engine and APU halon replacements. Although it was noted that “no alternatives have yet been fully tested, certified and Implemented on commercial transport aircraft,” two promising agents were being developed by fire protection system suppliers. Both agents successfully passed FAA’s MPS testing (Novec1230 in 2006, a powder agent in 2011). However, while both were being considered for certification approval, the FAA required additional testing to address concerns unique to the physical properties of these agents: one a liquid agent subjected to cold storage fire testing conditions; the other a dry chemical agent subjected to a full scale live engine fire test (July 2012). Both agents, unfortunately, did not perform as expected during these additional tests..2.3.2 Since that time, the aircraft manufacturers are continuing to monitor and support the candidate/system suppliers but are dependent on those suppliers and the FAA to address the testing results and to determine the next steps. No schedule has been provided on when the situation will be resolved.2.3.3 In the meantime, investigation on other agents has re-opened and information has been solicited from over fourteen different suppliers on other possible candidates. It has to be noted that none of these possible candidates have yet successfully passed FAA MPS testing. Moreover, the suppliers of any new agent will have to demonstrate that all other performance, certification, and environmental requirements can be met. This will take coordination with FAA, other governmental agencies, and other stakeholders such as the engine manufacturers, aircraft operators, etc. Based on the experience of the previous two candidates which have been under investigation for several years, the industry is not optimistic that any known agent will be certification ready to meet the 31 December 2014 date. As this date pertains to an aircraft type for which an application for a type certificate is submitted to the State of Design, sufficient additional time should be available after this date for actual implementation of non-halon engine and APU fire suppression ...
DECLARES. To undertake to comply with in the case of a strike, if he is awarded the maritime connection services to provide territorial continuity between Civitavecchia, Arbatax and Cagliari and vice versa, the following Services Plan, which will be annexed to the Service Contract (as “Annex F”), constituting an integral part of the same.
DECLARES that, to the extent any rights, obligations, or prescription, time or limitation periods, including, without limitation, to file grievances, relating to the Applicant or any of the Property or the Business may expire (other than pursuant to the terms of any contracts, agreements or arrangements of any nature whatsoever), the term of such rights, obligations, or prescription, time or limitation periods shall hereby be deemed to be extended by a period equal to the Stay Period. Without limitation to the foregoing, in the event that the Applicant becomes bankrupt or a receiver as defined in subsection 243(2) of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada) (the “BIA”) is appointed in respect of the Applicant, the period between the date of the Order and the day on which the Stay Period ends shall not be calculated in respect of the Applicant in determining the 30 day periods referred to in Sections 81.1 and 81.2 of the BIA. No Interference with Rights
DECLARES that the Applicant and any party to these proceedings may serve any court materials in these proceedings on all represented parties electronically, by emailing a PDF or other electronic copy of such materials to counselsemail addresses.