Debenture Sample Clauses

Debenture. A Debenture(s) representing the principal amount of Debentures purchased by such Purchaser as set forth next to such Purchaser's name on Schedule I, registered in the name of such Purchaser, each in form satisfactory to the Purchaser;
Debenture. This Debenture is in the principal amount of up to $28,000,000 and is being issued by the Company to the Holder pursuant to the surrender of the October 2001 Debenture and the obligation of Holder to pay Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000) cash by Holder, of which $7,000,000 shall be paid to Frost Bank in satisfaction of those amounts owed by the Company in connection with the Frost Loan on the Initial Closing Date and $3,000,00 to be paid to the Company by the Holder on or before the Subsequent Closing Date. The Holder hereby agrees to receive such Debenture from the Company pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, and the Company hereby agrees to issue, convey, transfer, and assign to the Holder, the Debenture free and clear of all liens, options, claims, and encumbrances of any kind or character whatsoever, except for applicable transfer restrictions required by federal and state securities laws. The Debenture may have such notations or legends as are required by applicable law. The Debenture shall be executed on behalf of the Company by its chief executive office, president or any vice president and attested to by its secretary or any assistant secretary. The Debenture shall recite upon its face the principal amount of indebtedness evidenced by the Debenture, the rate at which interest is payable on the Debenture, and the terms of repayment.
Debenture. A Debenture may be converted in part, but only if the principal amount of such Debenture to be converted is any integral multiple of US$1,000.
Debenture. This Redeemable Convertible Subordinated Debenture (“Debenture”) is issued pursuant to that certain Securities Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) of even date herewith. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein will have the meanings defined in the Agreement.
Debenture. Delivery by the Company to the Buyer of the Debenture to be purchased in accordance with this Agreement, as well as the execution and delivery of the Registration Rights Agreement and Warrant by the Company;
Debenture. The term "Debenture" shall mean the Debenture issued by the Company and concurrently herewith being acquired by the Holder, in the forms set forth on Exhibits 1.04(a) and (b) attached hereto, as originally executed or as may from time to time be supplemented or amended pursuant to its provisions or the provisions hereof. If the Holder purchases or otherwise becomes the owner of more than one Debenture, the term "Debentures" shall include all of the Debentures owned by the Holder taken as a whole. The term "Debentures" shall mean all of the Debentures issued by the Company and governed by this Agreement and other Debenture Agreements of like tenor.
Debenture. The Borrower acknowledges that this Agreement does not and shall not be construed as requiring the Lender to enter into the Debenture or make the Loan.
Debenture. (constituting a fixed and floating charge over all the assets of BORQS Hong Kong Limited) Debenture THIS DEED (this “Deed”) is made as a deed this 30th day of April 2018, BETWEEN:
Debenture. None of the Borrowers will, or will permit any Subsidiary to make:
Debenture. Duly executed Debenture from Borrower evidencing the Loan, which shall be in form and substance acceptable to the Lender and its counsel.