Data Collections Sample Clauses

Data Collections. The Charter School assumes sole responsibility for accurate and timely collection and transmission of required data submissions to the SCSC and other government agencies, including but not limited to: the GaDOE, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, and the United States Department of Education. The Charter School shall utilize a Student Information System that is compatible with the system utilized by the GaDOE. Upon signature of the charter contract, the Charter School affirms its understanding that inaccurate or untimely data may have an adverse impact to the academic, financial and operational standing of the school and further affirms its understanding that the SCSC does not guarantee any opportunity or ability to correct any data reporting errors made by the Charter School.
Data Collections. The person(s) who performs the function of collecting confidential data for analysis from the Client with Client’s permission may not necessarily be employees or agents of the Advisor. The Advisor may pay such individuals for the time expended in the collection of such data.

Related to Data Collections

  • Data Collection The Engineer shall conduct field reconnaissance and collect data as necessary to complete the schematic design. Data shall include the following information. Items “a” to “g” will be obtained from the State, if available, while items “h” to “j” will be obtained from other agencies as required.

  • Billing and Collection Customers BellSouth currently has in effect numerous billing and collection agreements with various interexchange carriers and billing clearing houses and as such these billing and collection customers (“B&C Customers”) query BellSouth’s LIDB to determine whether to accept various billing options from End Users. Until such time as BellSouth implements in its LIDB and its supporting systems the means to differentiate <<customer_name>>’s data from BellSouth’s data, the following shall apply: