Count All Sample Clauses

Count All. Unlike CountPerItem, this return type just counts up all of the non-list elements of a list. For example, if context is set to Hosts and the path is set to Events, then Count All returns the total number of events for all of the Host data objects. CountPerItem would return a list, with each item a count of events under a given host.

Related to Count All

  • Account Allocations In the event that the Seller is unable for any reason to transfer Receivables to the Trust, then the Seller agrees that it shall allocate, after the occurrence of such event, payments on each Account with respect to the principal balance of such Account first to the oldest principal balance of such Account and to have such payments applied as Collections in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; provided, however, that, in the case of Partial Accounts, Collections of Principal Receivables shall be allocated to the Principal Receivables to which such Collections relate. The parties hereto agree that Non-Principal Receivables, whenever created, accrued in respect of Principal Receivables which have been conveyed to the Trust shall continue to be a part of the Trust notwithstanding any cessation of the transfer of additional Principal Receivables to the Trust and Collections with respect thereto shall continue to be allocated and paid in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

  • Reserve Account Draw Amount On or before two Business Days before a Payment Date, the Servicer will calculate the Reserve Account Draw Amount for the Payment Date and will direct the Indenture Trustee to withdraw from the Reserve Account and deposit the Reserve Account Draw Amount into the Collection Account on or before the Payment Date.

  • Prefunding Account The separate Eligible Account created and maintained by the Trustee pursuant to Section 3.06(g) in the name of the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders and designated “U.S. Bank National Association, in trust for registered holders of Home Equity Asset Trust 2005-7, Home Equity Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2005-7. Funds in the Prefunding Account shall be held in trust for the Certificateholders for the uses and purposes set forth in this Agreement and shall not be a part of any REMIC created hereunder; provided, however, that any investment income earned from Eligible Investments made with funds in the Prefunding Account shall be for the account of the Depositor.

  • Disbursements from Replacement Reserve Account (a) Lender shall make disbursements from the Replacement Reserve Account to pay Borrower only for the costs of the Replacements. Lender shall not be obligated to make disbursements from the Replacement Reserve Account to reimburse Borrower for the costs of routine maintenance to the Property or for costs which are to be reimbursed from the Required Repair Fund (if any).

  • Lock-Box Accounts, Cash Collateral Accounts, Escrow Accounts and Reserve Accounts The Master Servicer shall administer each Lock-Box Account, Cash Collateral Account, Escrow Account and Reserve Account in accordance with the related Mortgage or Loan Agreement, Cash Collateral Account Agreement or Lock-Box Agreement, if any relating to the Mortgage Loans (other than a Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan) or Serviced Loan Combinations it is servicing.

  • Reallocated Principal Collections On each Distribution Date, the Servicer shall apply, or shall cause the Trustee to apply by written instruction to the Trustee substantially in the form of Exhibit B, Reallocated Principal Collections with respect to such Distribution Date, to make the following distributions or deposits in the following order of priority:

  • Targeted Deposits to the Accumulation Reserve Account The deposit targeted to be made to the Accumulation Reserve Account for any Monthly Period during the Accumulation Reserve Funding Period will be an amount equal to the Required Accumulation Reserve sub-Account Amount.

  • Withdrawals from the Collection Account and Distribution Account (a) The Servicer shall, from time to time, make withdrawals from the Collection Account for any of the following purposes or as described in Section 4.03:

  • Interest Reserve Account (a) On the P&I Advance Date occurring in each February and in any January that occurs in a year that is not a leap year (in each case, unless the related Distribution Date is the final Distribution Date), the Certificate Administrator, in respect of the Actual/360 Mortgage Loans, shall deposit into the Interest Reserve Account, an amount equal to one (1) day’s interest on the Stated Principal Balance of the Actual/360 Mortgage Loans as of the Due Date occurring in the month preceding the month in which the P&I Advance Date occurs at the related Net Mortgage Rate, to the extent a full Periodic Payment or P&I Advance is made in respect thereof (all amounts so deposited in any consecutive February and January pursuant to clause (i), “Withheld Amounts”).

  • Permitted Withdrawals from the Collection Account and Distribution Account (a) The Master Servicer may from time to time make withdrawals from the Collection Account for the following purposes: