COTS Sample Clauses

COTS. Commercial off the shelf tools provided by Supplier to Company or Customer as hardware, software or both in any combination; software development services for hire; on-site staff augmentation; or any digital product or service that affects safety-related or important to safety functions.
COTS. Room Attendants shall receive $2.50 for each cot made up in an occupied room where the cot is the third bed and Room Attendants or Housepersons shall receive $2.50 for removal of each cot from a room. Room Attendants must make up each cot before it is removed from a guest room.
COTS. The sum of $2.00 for the combination of set up/take down of a cot by the Houseperson, and $2.00 for the Room Attendant and/or Houseperson, for the make-up of a cot.

Related to COTS

Site Visits The Commission may visit the School informally at any time and may, at its discretion, conduct announced formal school visits. When appropriate, the Commission shall make reasonable efforts to provide notice of visits. Such site visits may include any activities reasonably related to fulfillment of the Commission’s oversight responsibilities including, but not limited to, inspection of the facilities; audit of financial books and records; inspection of records maintained by the School; interviews and observations of the principal, staff, school families, and community members; and observation of classroom instruction.