Consenting Sample Clauses

Consenting. To consent to the above terms, please print and sign this disclosure and return with your loan application or to the address noted below. By giving your consent to electronically receive disclosures, notices, terms and conditions or other documents you can significantly shorten the length of time on the federally mandated waiting period. Date of Signature Date of Signature Date of Signature Date of Signature Borrower Signature Co-Borrower Signature Borrower Printed Name Co-Borrower Printed Name Borrower Email Address Co-Borrower Email Address CONTACT POINTS FOR ACRA LENDING MAIL: 00000 Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxx Xxxxxx XX 00000 EMAIL:
Consenting. I hereby grant Diveheart and its affiliates permission to take photographs, including videotape footage and/or photographs, of me, and/or to use photographs or video footage in which I appear, for purposes of Diveheart promotional materials and activities, including, but not limited to applying for funds to support Diveheart’s purpose and activities. I grant Diveheart, its officers, employees, legal representatives and assigns, permission to use, re-use, display, distribute, copy, modify, publish and re-publish such photographs, videotape or digital images in connection therewith, in whole or in part, severally or in conjunction with other photographs or writings, in any medium and for any purpose whatsoever, including, without limitation, training, illustration, press releases, media, promotion, advertising and trade materials. These materials might include printed or electronic publications, audio/video materials, websites or other electronic communications. I grant Diveheart all rights, title and interest to the finished pictures, negatives, reproductions and copies of the original prints and negatives, as well as any video footage or copies thereof, including the right to give, sell, transfer, display, distribute, copy, modify and exhibit the negatives, original prints, video footage, or copies thereof. I agree that I am not entitled to any compensation for any such use of my name, likeness, photographs or video footage. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished video footage, photographs or printed or electronic material and any printed matter to be used in connection therewith. I hereby release and discharge Diveheart, its officers, employees, legal representatives and assigns, now and forever from any and all claims and demands which I or my heirs or representatives ever had, now have or may have arising out of, or in connection with, the use of my name, writings, photographs, or video footage including, without limitation, to all claims for libel or alleged misrepresentation by virtue of alterations, visual or audio manipulation or faulty mechanical reproduction. I have read the preceding voluntary privacy waiver and media release, before signing below, and warrant that I fully understand the terms and contents therefore. Participant / Volunteer: _ Date: Signature Participant’s Guardians if Minor or Otherwise Incapacitated: Signature Date: Date: Signature
Consenting. (a) use all reasonable endeavours to procure all statutory consents and approvals for the development;
Consenting. At the beginning of the screening visit, participants will be given a written consent form by qualified study personnel (the study coordinator and/or investigator or other designee). The personnel will understand the research study, will complete any necessary courses required by their Institutional Review Board prior to implementing the consent process. Personnel at the Xxxxxxx Xxxxx center will complete COMIRB 101 as directed by institutional requirements. The consent process will occur in a quiet setting, and the participant will be given time to review the written consent form and ask questions prior to the initiation of study procedures. The Informed Consent Form for this clinical study will be reviewed with patients (and their guardian in the case of adolescent patients) prior to performing any study-related assessments. Asking the participant to explain the study in his/her own words will assess the patient’s understanding and autonomy. A translator will be utilized with non-English speaking patients. If three or more patients are consented that speak a language other than English, then the consent form will be translated to their native language and submitted to the IRB for approval. Following consent explanation, qualified personnel as listed above will obtain written consent prior to the initiation of study procedures. The consent form requests consent for each time the individual has blood drawn for these studies, and it notifies the participant that samples will be kept for future work. The participant will be given a signed copy of the written consent form and assent form. An assent form has also been developed for participants aged 6-17. Those within that age range will be given the consent and assent forms and will have the opportunity to discuss the study apart from their parent(s) or guardian(s). This will allow these individuals to ask questions they might not have felt comfortable asking previously. In addition, the parent(s) or guardian(s) will be given the opportunity to discuss the study apart from the child or adolescent. Individuals in this age group will be re-consented at the first visit they attend after their eighteenth birthday. They can also choose to change their decision regarding stored samples, if desired. Participants also will sign a consent form for HIV screening, which is a state-specific form. The participants will be informed that this information is a reportable condition to the respective state department of health...
Consenting. Surplus Noteholders shall execute and deliver, for no consideration, a waiver and consent under the master transaction agreement, dated as of April 26, 2009, as amended, permitting the Syncora Parties to take the actions contemplated by this term sheet, including, without limitation, an Amendment to the Tax Sharing Agreement among SHI, SGI, SCAI and certain of their domestic affiliates and the Transactions.

Related to Consenting

  • Replacement of Non-Consenting Lender If, in connection with any proposed change, waiver, discharge or termination to any of the provisions of this Agreement as contemplated by this Section 9.02, the consent of the Required Lenders shall have been obtained but the consent of one or more Lenders (each a “Non-Consenting Lender”) whose consent is required for such proposed change, waiver, discharge or termination is not obtained, then (so long as no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing) the Borrower shall have the right, at its sole cost and expense, to replace each such Non-Consenting Lender or Lenders with one or more replacement Lenders pursuant to Section 2.18(b) so long as at the time of such replacement, each such replacement Lender consents to the proposed change, waiver, discharge or termination.

  • Disenfranchisement of Defaulting Lenders (a) For so long as a Defaulting Lender has any Available Commitment, in ascertaining the Majority Lenders or whether any given percentage (including, for the avoidance of doubt, unanimity) of the Total Commitments has been obtained to approve any request for a consent, waiver, amendment or other vote under the Finance Documents, that Defaulting Lender’s Commitments will be reduced by the amount of its Available Commitments.

  • Consent to Assignment The Assignor hereby irrevocably assigns the Agreement in all respects to the Assignee and the Assignee accepts the assignment thereof in all respects.

  • Lender Consent For purposes of determining compliance with the conditions specified in Section 3.01, each Lender that has signed this Agreement shall be deemed to have consented to, approved or accepted or to be satisfied with, each document or other matter required hereunder to be consented to or approved by or acceptable or satisfactory to a Lender unless the Administrative Agent shall have received notice from such Lender prior to the proposed Agreement Effective Date specifying its objection thereto.

  • Debt Create, incur, assume or suffer to exist, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to create, incur, assume or suffer to exist, any Debt, except:

  • Replacement Lenders (a) If any Lender has notified the Borrower and the Agent of its incurring additional costs under Section 5.01 hereof or has required the Borrower to make payments for Taxes under Section 4.06 hereof, then the Borrower may, unless such Lender has notified the Borrower and the Agent that the circumstances giving rise to such notice no longer apply, terminate, in whole but not in part, the Commitment of any Lender (other than the Agent) (the "Terminated Lender") at any time upon five (5) Business Days' prior written notice to the Terminated Lender and the Agent (such notice referred to herein as a "Notice of Termination").

  • Refinancing (i) The Swing Line Lender at any time in its sole and absolute discretion may request, on behalf of the Borrower (which hereby irrevocably authorizes the Swing Line Lender to so request on its behalf), that each Lender make a Revolving Loan that is a Base Rate Loan in an amount equal to such Lender’s Revolving Commitment Percentage of Swing Line Loans then outstanding. Such request shall be made in writing (which written request shall be deemed to be a Loan Notice for purposes hereof) and in accordance with the requirements of Section 2.02, without regard to the minimum and multiples specified therein for the principal amount of Base Rate Loans, the unutilized portion of the Aggregate Commitments or the conditions set forth in Section 4.02. The Swing Line Lender shall furnish the Borrower with a copy of the applicable Loan Notice promptly after delivering such notice to the Administrative Agent. Each Lender shall make an amount equal to its Revolving Commitment Percentage of the amount specified in such Loan Notice available to the Administrative Agent in immediately available funds for the account of the Swing Line Lender at the Administrative Agent’s Office not later than 2:00 p.m. on the day specified in such Loan Notice, whereupon, subject to Section 2.04(b)(ii), each Lender that so makes funds available shall be deemed to have made a Revolving Loan that is a Base Rate Loan to the Borrower in such amount. The Administrative Agent shall remit the funds so received to the Swing Line Lender.

  • Consent Except as otherwise provided herein, when the consent of a party is required herein, such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.