Competitions Sample Clauses

Competitions. (a) Competitions will be held for positions within the Bargaining Unit, which the Company wishes to fill, except for the following:
Competitions. I acknowledge that the risks, dangers and hazards of mountain biking are increased during races, competitions and contests, due to the competitive nature of the activity and the fact that there will be other participants on the course. I freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting therefrom. Initial - Rider Initial - Parent or Guardian If Rider is under age 18 I AM AWARE OF THE RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH MOUNTAIN BIKING AND I FREELY ACCEPT AND FULLY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS AND THE POSSIBILITY OF PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS RESULTING THEREFROM.
Competitions. Term employees may at any time apply for a posted permanent position and will be considered on equal terms with other employees. If accepted for a permanent position, the term employee shall become a permanent employee. This provision does not apply to term employees who are hired pursuant to Article 22.07(g) (Recalling into Term Positions out of Seniority) or Article 22.07(h) (Hiring Externally into Term Position)
Competitions. Notification of any competitions must be given PRIOR to arranging any entry. This is important as we are sending our reputation with skaters to competitions and important for the skater as we need to know if they are ready, prepared and abiding by the rules and to do the best we can to achieve the goals agreed for the competition. I will endeavour to be at all local (Gosport Ice Skating Club) competitions although sometimes I cannot make all of them due to other work commitments. Details can be given in advance should you wish to know. I am prepared to travel to open competitions with skaters. It will depend on the time and day of the competition for me to confirm my attendance and travel expenses must be met as a minimum. In some cases an additional fee may be required in cases of lost earnings. All fee’s will be notified BEFORE the competition day. Fee’s can be shared with other skaters if they are competing at the same event on the same day. Usually an hour fee will apply per skater (£48). Tests Notification of any test entries must be given PRIOR to arranging any entries. This is important as we are sending our reputation with skaters to tests and important for the skater as we need to know if they are ready, prepared and abiding by the rules and to do the best we can to achieve the required pass xxxx for the test. Once your form has been signed by me it is up to you to send and manage the test specifics. Including if you want to change the date, venue, time, etc. NISA terms apply to all NISA tests, these can be found on their website Test dates are agreed by NISA and are usually not changeable. I will be at all test dates I have skaters in. The ice rink may incur additional charges for the ice time for your test. I will be present at any test I can make it to for £10 per skater. Learning Agreement The learning agreement must be agreed on by all three parties involved (Coach – Skater and Parent (If under 18)). It will detail goals and lesson plans for future lessons over any given time frame. It is subject to change with review, and reasonable notice. Goals will be realistic and based on the skaters ability and rate of progression. I cannot guarantee goals. As the agreement is a three way collaboration, it takes at least an even contribution on all parties for the goals to be achieved. In fact the skater holds the biggest responsibility in achieving the goals agreed on. Other coaches / Advice from other people If other coaches ar...
Competitions. To participate (play, coach, referee, manage or train) in a provincial, national or international competition or festival. The teacher will be required to present a letter from the representative group confirming that the individual's participation is needed and confirming that the function is a provincial, national or international competition or festival.
Competitions. By pressing on submit you agree to allow us to contact you by telephone or other electronic means of communication. This competition is open to entrants from the UK only. You must fill out the questionnaire to enter. No purchase necessary. • The competition will run as advertised • The prize will be as advertised • To qualify for the competition, individuals will need to fill in the competition entry form. • Only one entry per person • The draw for the winner will take place after the competition has finished. • The winner of the competition may need to visit a Fonehouse store (location to be decided by KTM Online Limited dependent on location and current activity) to pick up their prize. • The prize must be collected within 30 days of the winner being announced. • Winners must confirm/announce wining the prize on their facebook/twitter walls • Handset may be network locked. • The Prize cannot be exchanged for cash. • Fonehouse reserve the right to withdraw the competition or disqualify entrants for breach of the above terms. All text messages are to offer the option toopt out’ of any further Text Marketing by responding with the word STOP at the end of the message. To receive a £20 voucher you must register your details on the fonehouse competition page form and vote for fonehouse as best high street retailer in the whatmobile awards on page 12 of the what mobile awards surveymonkey form. £20 voucher can be redeemed against an upfront cost when purchasing any device on a 24 month contract on xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx. If there is no upfront cost the difference will be paid via cashback after the first billing date. Voucher must be used within 30 days of receipt. Voucher cannot be used in conjunctions with affiliates or any other promotional offer. PROMOTED BY KTM Online Ltd T/A Xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx: Purchase a new LG G7 handset (“Qualifying Purchase”) to receive a free LG 24MT49S smart TV monitor. Available directly from Fonehouse. xx.xx via a purchase via online from July 24th 2018. First come first served. Only open to UK residents over the age of 18 and internet access is required. Promotion period: July 24th 2018 – whilst stocks last (200 units) Eligibility:
Competitions. 8.03 Notification of competitions shall be provided in accordance with Article 31.06. Lay-Off‌
Competitions. The AcroSkills program is a unique program at Skylark Sports. It is an educational program, with opportunities for competition. It is not the right program for athletes who do not want to compete. Competitions and events are an important part of the athletes’ development, and it is where they get the chance to show off all their hard work. Competitions and events are a compulsory part of the program. Your competition schedule is made available as early as possible in a draft form, and updated as more information is provided. You should add the event dates to your calendar when you receive it to ensure your athlete will be available. Please ensure that, unless they are unwell or on school camp, your athlete attends all sessions in the month leading up to an event. Events and competitions are to be booked and paid for through the customer portal by the communicated closing date. External events have strict closing dates, and an additional 50% fee is charged for late entries. Please ensure you enrol on time to avoid this fee. Competitions are usually scheduled across one or two full days, but the athletes are only required for one session (2-4 hours). The session times are not released until after the entries are received and the workorder is created. We will communicate them to you as soon as they are released. We encourage athletes to stay and support their teammates competing in other sessions. Athletes in our AcroSkills program participate in a variety of in-club, local and state events.
Competitions. Term employees may at any time apply for a permanent position authorized for external hiring and will be considered on equal terms with other employees. If accepted for a permanent position, the term employee shall become a permanent employee.
Competitions. If NetSetGO is offered through an affiliated club, the affiliated Association or Division must use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that their affiliated club complies with the terms and conditions of being a NetSetGO Accredited Centre.