Compatible Sample Clauses

Compatible. Compatible," (including "Compatibility" and other ---------- variants) as applied to an integrated circuit, means that the integrated circuit is fully compatible with the Rambus Interface Specification such that the integrated circuit can communicate with other integrated circuits manufactured by licensees of Rambus which comply with the same Rambus Interface Specification, and shall include protocol, pin function, pin sequencing, pin pitch and electrical specifications compatibility.
Compatible. Compatible," as applied to an integrated circuit or an interface portion between integrated circuits, means that the integrated circuit or interface portion both (i) is fully compliant with the applicable Rambus Interface Specification such that the integrated circuit can communicate with all other integrated circuits manufactured by licensees of Rambus which comply with the same Rambus Interface Specification, and (ii) complies in all respects with the protocol, pin function, pin sequencing, pin pitch, electrical specifications, and mechanical specifications of the applicable Rambus Interface Specification. A logic integrated circuit is Compatible with the Yellowstone Rambus Interface Specification only if it satisfies the foregoing requirements including, without limitation, being capable of communicating, through both the physical layer and the logic layer, with DRAM integrated circuits Compatible with the Yellowstone Rambus Interface Specification. In addition, notwithstanding the foregoing, for purposes of Compatibility with the Redwood Rambus Interface Specification under this Agreement, "protocol/logic layer" Compatibility shall mean Compatibility with the logic layer developed by [*], Toshiba, and/or SCE. License Agreement January 6, 2003
Compatible. (i) mobile or tablet device with wireless internet connectivity; or (ii) a desktop computer with compatible operating system; and (b) an appropriate Internet connection, with a recommended minimum of 512Kbps for video and 100Kbps for voice in both the up and down direction available for each UC One connection. When using the UC One client or other desktop or mobile applications, the call quality experience will be dependent on the amount of the minimum data bandwidth available to you at the time of use. Internet bandwidth can vary greatly, especially over mobile data networks, and this may affect the quality of your experience. Under high data traffic loads the quality is also affected due to data packet losses, variable packet delays and throughput rates. Quality issues over an affected internet or mobile data connection may come in the form of a temporarily broken up or pixelated video picture, garbled voice quality, or possibly a dropped call. Epik can’t control the quality of UC One or other desktop or mobile app experience when used over a third-party Internet or mobile data network and/or non-Epik equipment (hardware), and you acknowledge that there are no guaranteed service levels for these application services. Epik Service & Support Targets Avg Answer Time for Inbound Support Calls: < 60 secs Avg First Response Time for Repairs: < 8 min Avg Repair Ticket Resolved: < 6 hrs. Avg equipment repair/replace: < 24 hrs. Backbone Network Up-time: 99.99% Client Satisfaction Score: > 8.5
Compatible. The Parties will support HDMI compatibility with UDI (i.e., defining UDI to be compatible with HDMI) for the first Final Draft of the Specification, Specification updates, and one (1) major revision of the Specification, if the Promoters vote to define and release a major revision of the Specification. A goal of UDI is to allow for UDI platforms to be able to pass HDMI compliance testing (as defined by HDMI Licensing, LLC) and be eligible to obtain an HDMI logo.

Related to Compatible

Compatibility 1. Any unresolved issue arising from a mutual agreement procedure case otherwise within the scope of the arbitration process provided for in this Article and Articles 25A to 25G shall not be submitted to arbitration if the issue falls within the scope of a case with respect to which an arbitration panel or similar body has previously been set up in accordance with a bilateral or multilateral convention that provides for mandatory binding arbitration of unresolved issues arising from a mutual agreement procedure case.
Functionality MDTs can be generated at any point in the transmission chain to signal missing streams (e.g. video, audio, subtitle or accompanied data) or Service Information components (e.g. NIT, SDT, EIT or TDT) within a multiplex. As the underlying concept of the MDT system is to detect and signal failures at the point where they are generated, the system supervisor of the DVB/MPEG-2 encoding, multiplexing and modulation equipment should monitor the correct functioning of all equipment modules and should generate an MDT in the case a service failure occurs for longer than 10 seconds. MDTs shall then be periodically transmitted every 10 seconds until the failure is fixed. In addition to faulty equipment modules also missing input streams can be identified by subsequent modules in the transmission chain which then generate corresponding MDTs. This principle is applied e.g. by the special monitor IRDs of the DINO which can not only receive and extract incoming MDTs from the multiplexes but also can generate MDTs in the case e.g. Service Information components are missing. All MDTs are being fed via the ASTRA Service Information Update System (ASIUS) into the Service Availability System (SAS) of the Digital Network Operations Centre. Upon reception of an MDT an alert is initiated by the DINO computer system which then enables the operator to act SES-ASIUS CONFIDENTIAL SYS-240/12-95 15 December 1995 92 appropriately based on detailed transponder specific diagnostic information provided together with the alert message.
Year 2000 Compatibility Take all actions reasonably necessary to assure that Borrower's computer based systems are able to operate and effectively process data which includes dates on and after January 1, 2000. At the request of the Administrative Agent, the Borrower shall provide reasonable assurances satisfactory to the Administrative Agent of the Borrower's Year 2000 compatibility.
Capability The wind plant shall provide SCADA capability to transmit data and receive instructions from the Participating TO and CAISO to protect system reliability. The Participating TO and CAISO and the wind plant Interconnection Customer shall determine what SCADA information is essential for the proposed wind plant, taking into account the size of the plant and its characteristics, location, and importance in maintaining generation resource adequacy and transmission system reliability in its area.
Architecture All Redeveloper Improvements shall have consistent architectural features, detailing, and design elements in accordance with the Project Schematic Drawings which are based on the historical design of the improvements. All accessory building walls, screening walls, or fences shall use the same primary material, color, and detailing as on the main buildings, unless shown differently on approved Exterior Construction Documents.
Sprinkler System 31. If there shall be a "sprinkler system" in the demised premises for any period during this lease, Tenant shall pay $ per month, for sprinkler supervisory service. If such sprinkler system is damaged by any act or omission of Tenant or its agents, employees, licensees of visitors. Tenant shall restore the system to good working condition at its own expense. If the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, the New York Fire Insurance Exchange, the Insurance Services Office or any governmental authority requires the installation or any alteration to a sprinkler system by reason of Tenant's occupancy or use of the premises, including any alteration necessary to obtain the full allowance for a sprinkler system in the fire insurance rate of Landlord, or for any other reason, Tenant shall make such installation or alteration promptly, and at its own expense. HEAT, ELEVATOR, ETC.
Industry Troubleshooter Where a difference arises between the parties relating to the dismissal, discipline, or suspension of an employee, or to the interpretation, application, operation, or alleged violation of this Agreement, including any question as to whether a matter is arbitrable, during the term of the Collective Agreement, David McPhillips, Judi Korbin, Chris Sullivan, or a substitute agreed to by the parties, shall at the request of either party:
Air Conditioning If the Apartment has been provided with a ledge for split air conditioning system with suitable provision for keeping outdoor units of the AC system and also the route to take refrigerant piping, which the Allottee shall have to strictly follow while installing AC units
Encryption The Fund acknowledges and agrees that encryption may not be available for every communication through the System, or for all data. The Fund agrees that Custodian may deactivate any encryption features at any time, without notice or liability to the Fund, for the purpose of maintaining, repairing or troubleshooting the System or the Software.
Devices BNY Mellon will restrict the transfer of Customer Data from its network to mass storage devices. BNY Mellon will use a mobile device management system or equivalent tool when mobile computing is used to provide the services under the Agreement. Applications on such authenticated devices will be housed within an encrypted container and BNY Mellon will maintain the ability to remote wipe the contents of the container.