Coaches Sample Clauses

Coaches. (a) Seat rotation: To ensure all passengers have the opportunity to enjoy front and window seats, a daily seat rotation system is employed on all of Our coaches and You must follow the seat rotation system.
Coaches. Acceptable standards of coaching behavior include: ❑ Set a good example for participants and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior; ❑ Respect the judgment of officials, abide by rules of the event; ❑ Treat opposing coaches, participants and fans with respect; ❑ Instruct participants in sportsmanship and demand they display good sportsmanship; ❑ Coach in a positive manner, reflecting Christian values; Penalties: ❑ Any coach ejected from a game because of unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the next two games and may be subject to additional penalties. ❑ Any coach who physically OR verbally abuses another person may be suspended for the remainder of the season and may be disqualified from CYO participation ❑ Any coach who physically or verbally abuses an official during or after a game will be suspended for the remainder of the season and may be disqualified from CYO participation.
Coaches. The parties agree that coaching assignments are considered unique extra-duty responsibilities. Any coach whose assignment is to be changed or discontinued during the next school year shall be notified by the Principal/Site Leader in writing by May 30. Such notification shall include verifiable reasons for the change or removal. Decisions to change or remove shall be made on an objective good faith basis after proper notice and warning.
Coaches. A. Coaches shall receive their salary supplement during the time their sport is in season.
Coaches. Effective September 1, 1988, a coach's rate of pay shall increase at the rate of one-half percent per year beginning in the fourth year or more of continuous service in the same sport, cumulative to a maximum of three and one-half percent. Ninth grade inter scholastic coaches shall be paid at the middle/junior high school level.
Coaches. 1. When a new varsity head coach is hired, all coaching positions for that sport shall be posted as outlined in Section A above.
Coaches. THIS SECTION APPLIES TO ALL COACHES IN ALL COMPETITIONS. Coaches agree to abide by the U.S. Olympic Committee Coaching Ethics Code, adopted in its entirety in August of 1996, by the USCA Coaching Committee.
Coaches. Coaches (up to four per team) will not be restricted to the dugout. They may position themselves to instruct their players so long as they are not in fair territory. They may stop play for brief instructional conferences so long as, in the judgement of the umpires, these conferences are not excessive nor being used as a delaying tactic. Coaches from the two schools should communicate with each other prior to the scrimmage. This should be done to assure that everyone is in agreement on the format of the scrimmage and to assure that opposing players are competing against players of the same comparable talent level. Everyone should make a concerted effort to keep things moving. It is to no ones advantage for this event to drag on for hours. A brisk flow could be good training for the regular season. One person from each school will be permitted to videotape/film the scrimmage. Scouting shall not be allowed at the scrimmage. The scrimmage videotapes shall not be exchanged with other coaches for the purpose of scouting. The purpose of the scrimmage is evaluating your own squad.
Coaches. The distribution of coaches’ load between terms may be adjusted, by mutual agreement, to ensure compliance with maximum load limits described in Article 2 above. Sport Title Primary Season LHEs Assigned Total Fall Spring Summer Cheer Head Coach Fall & Spring 6 3 3 0 Cross Country Head Coach Fall 5 4 1 0 Golf Head Coach Fall 9 6 3 0 Golf Asst. Coach Fall 3 2 1 0 Half Marathon Head Coach Fall 2 2 0 0 Indoor Track Head Coach Fall & Spring 5 2 3 0 Men's Baseball Head Coach Spring 11 4 7 0 Men's Baseball Asst. Coach Spring 7 3 4 0 Men's Basketball Head Coach Fall & Spring 11 5.5 5.5 0 Men's Basketball Asst. Coach Fall & Spring 7 3 4 0 Men's Soccer Head Coach Fall 11 6 4 1 Men's Soccer Asst. Coach Fall 6 5 1 0 Men's Tennis Head Coach Spring 6 2 4 0 Outdoor Track Head Coach Spring 5 1 4 0 Volleyball Head Coach Fall 11 7 4 0 Volleyball Asst. Coach Fall 6 6 0 0 Women's Basketball Head Coach Fall & Spring 11 5.5 5.5 0 Women's Basketball Asst. Coach Fall & Spring 7 3 4 0 Women's Soccer Head Coach Fall 11 6 4 1 Women's Soccer Asst. Coach Fall 6 5 1 0 Women's Softball Head Coach Spring 11 4 7 0 Women's Softball Asst. Coach Spring 6 1 5 0 Women's Tennis Head Coach Fall 6 4 2 0 E. Embedded Tutors: Embedded tutors, including ROAD Math tutors, work concurrently with an instructor in a designated class for the duration of the course and are paid on the basis of a 50-minute academic hour for the hours the class meets. They are paid at their step rate in Article 9.2 using the formula of 45 academic hours per LHE (45 academic hours = 37.5 clock hours).