CMS Sample Clauses

CMS. Allscripts shall provide support for all existing CMS customers of IDX in a manner consistent with support provided by IDX to its customers generally and to the level necessary to fulfill all contractual commitments of IDX to its customers for CMS. As the sole compensation to Allscripts for such services, IDX has previously assigned to Allscripts all support fees for CMS it receives from such customers.
CMS. RRHL may transfer to members of the CMS Group the CMS Shares pursuant to the CMS Option or otherwise.
CMS. A license (under Section 8) to use Calix Management Software (“CMS”);
CMS. In the case of a Project County in a Part A Province, the Project County shall ensure that each of its townships that proposes to include a CMS in the county’s Health Program shall establish and thereafter at all times operate said system in accordance with policies and procedures acceptable to the Association, said policies and procedures to define: (i) the health expenditures to be covered by said systems;