Close Sample Clauses

Close. The words “close,” “closed” and “closing” mean to “termi- nate” an account, product, service or contract as we allow. Please see the definition ofTerminate.” Computer System. The phrase “computer system” means, but is not limited to, all hardware, software and technology we use to electronically manage any aspect of our Credit Union’s business, including your actions and transactions on membership, accounts, loans, products, services, information and documents. Our data processing system is part of our computer system, and our com- puter system is part of our records. For further information, please see Provision 2.e.
Close. Out shall be the repayment of Securities by KPEI to the Lender prior to maturity date.
Close. (a) Most orders placed ‘on the close’ are for either the close of the second ring (official LME prices) or the final kerb (closing prices). Both these prices are demonstrable because of the publication of official and closing prices. Closing prices for other sessions are harder to determine, although the LME does publish unofficial prices which are established at the close of the fourth ring. In all circumstances, customers and members need to agree the style of execution i.e. bid/offer, mean or traded price. Members may not always be able to guarantee execution (price or volume) due to prevailing market conditions. A closing price on LME Select is the last price traded before the system closes.
Close. The two closings of the sale and purchase of the Shares shall take place with respect to each of MTVP and MTRCM on such date as set forth beside such Purchaser’s name on Schedule I (each, a “Close”); provided, however, that Seller shall have no further obligation to sell the Shares to Purchaser if the Closes have not occurred on or prior to December 31, 2009. Each Close shall occur at the offices of Purchaser or at such other place and time as the parties may agree. At each Close, Seller shall (i) deliver to Purchaser the certificate(s) representing 4,000 Shares to be transferred, duly endorsed for transfer or accompanied by duly executed stock powers, (ii) deliver to the Purchaser and the Company’s transfer agent the correspondence of the Company instructing the transfer agent to transfer ownership of the uncertificated Shares from the Seller to the Purchaser and (iii) cause the book entries through a direct registration system for the remainder of the Shares which are uncertificated to be updated to reflect that Purchaser is the new record owner of such Shares, all such transfers being evidenced by the Stock Power in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A, as applicable, and effective as of the applicable date of such Close in accordance with Schedule I.
Close. CLASS OUTLINE - DAY THREE -------------------------
Close. All grills and music must shut off by 5:00 pm. Each space must be cleaned and vacated by 6:00 pm. All trash must be disposed of in the proper receptacles at all times. Please Initial Here
Close. 2.2.5 Save
Close. Outs may be disposed of by Licensee through its Normal Channels of Distribution for Close-Outs, as described in “Exhibit J”. However, damaged and / or irregular Close-outs must be clearly marked as such, and remain of a quality not inconsistent with the quality-control standards of Licensor. All royalties due with respect to Close-outs shall be paid as required under this Agreement.
Close. Selecting close will simply close the zimlet and the dialogue box. The user will be able to access the zimlet at any time from the Address Book toolbar or the WebApps directory.