CITIZEN Sample Clauses

CITIZEN. Any individual not a member of the MBTA Transit Police Department.
CITIZEN. 8 Bavarian Ministry of Finance Bavarian Ministry of Finance SDI in Bavaria (GDI-BY) Construction of an Integral Geo Data Base (IGDB) The legal directive (Art. 12a VermKatG) from August 1, 2005 „With agreement of public administration in Bavaria, the Bavarian Surveying Administration has to make available all spatial data of public authorities.“ Bavarian Ministry of Finance Principles of the IGDB ⮚ Separation of data production and distribution of data • fast provision of data, • distribution formats are often determined by external institutions (OGC, ISO, CEN, companies), • high availability, • large area distribution, • payment, cashing, • security ⮚ Redundant data management can be avoided ⮚ Responsibility and ownership of application data remain with the corresponding administration Bavarian Ministry of Finance Procedure • Implementing step by step • Complying the standards (OGC, INSPIRE, GDI-DE, BayITS) • Providing basic spatial data and specific spatial data of the public sector by a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) • Keeping core competence in software developmentUse of Open Source Software and standards of OGC • Filling the IGDB with data by realising concrete projects step by step with focus on the demand of the economy public sector administration of land survey and cadastre specific spatial data basic spatial data data center OGC-service download service presentation services payment service Integral Geo Data Base Bavarian Ministry of Finance viewing services geo information system production distribution application Bavarian Ministry of Finance Procedure • The BayernViewer is a basic component in the Bavarian government • all available spatial data of public authorities will be shown in the BayernViewer • Concept of authorisation (data protection) • profile • Services of the e-government portal like • e-payment • authentication will be used Bavarian Ministry of Finance Extract of spatial data in Bavaria basic spatial data : WMS: ÜK 500, TK 50, TK 25, DOP, ALK, DOK WMS under construction: ATKIS, contour lines, DTM specific spatial data: WMS: nature protection areas, National parks, nature reserves, Ramsar, geological data WMS under construction: agricultural environmental measures, Natura2000, protected monuments, property values, construction site plans, flood risk areas and flooded areas Bavarian Ministry of Finance 16 Bavarian Ministry of Finance The BayernViewer with - Orthophoto - property values - flood risk areas Bavarian Ministry of...
CITIZEN. Lessee will at all times remain a "citizen of the United States" as defined in 49 U.S.C. Section 40102(a)(15)(C).
CITIZEN. Lessor agrees, solely for the benefit of Lessee that if, during such time as the Aircraft is registered in the United States, (a) it shall not be a Citizen of the United States and (b) the Aircraft shall be, or would therefore become, ineligible for registration in the name of Lessor under the Federal Aviation Code and regulations then applicable thereunder (without giving consideration to Section 47.9 of the FAA Regulations or any other provision that may restrict Lessee’s use or operation of the Aircraft), then Lessor shall as soon as is reasonably practicable, but in any event within 30 days after obtaining Actual Knowledge of such ineligibility and of such loss of citizenship, (x) effect voting trust or other similar arrangements or take any other action as may be necessary to prevent any deregistration or maintain the United States registration of the Aircraft or (y) transfer all its right, title and interest in and to this Lease and the Aircraft in accordance with Section 12.1 hereof.
CITIZEN. It [is a Citizen of the United States] [has established a voting trust, voting powers or other arrangement to permit the Owner Trustee to be the registered owner of the Aircraft under the Transportation Code]. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything else contained in this Agreement, it makes no representation or warranty in this Agreement with respect to laws, rules or regulations relating to aviation or to the nature or use of the equipment owned by the Owner Trustee, including, without limitation, the airworthiness, value, condition, workmanship, design, patent or trademark infringement, operation, merchantability or fitness for use of the Aircraft, other than such laws, rules or regulations relating to the citizenship requirements of it under applicable aviation law.

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  • RESIDENT 1. For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “

  • Not Foreign Person Borrower is not a “foreign person” within the meaning of §1445(f)(3) of the Code.

  • Citizen Volunteer or Community Service Leave Leave without pay may be granted for community volunteerism or service.

  • Not a Foreign Person Borrower is not a “foreign person” within the meaning of §1445(f)(3) of the Code.

  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Notifications

  • Residency The Buyer is a resident of the jurisdiction set forth immediately below the Buyer’s name on the signature pages hereto.

  • citizens abroad 2. Unless the circumstances described in the parenthetical in paragraph 1 above are applicable, either (a) at the time the buy order was originated, the buyer was outside the United States or we and any person acting on our behalf reasonably believed that the buyer was outside the United States or (b) the transaction was executed in, on or through the facilities of a designated offshore securities market, and neither we nor any person acting on our behalf knows that the transaction was pre-arranged with a buyer in the United States.

  • Citizenship WTC is a Citizen of the United States.

  • Resident Educator A Resident Educator is a teacher employed under a resident educator license.

  • Type and Jurisdiction of Organization, Organizational and Identification Numbers The type of entity of such Grantor, its state of organization, the organizational number issued to it by its state of organization and its federal employer identification number are set forth on Exhibit A.