Channel Sample Clauses

Channel. A television programming service devoted to health, medicine and other related topics and the sale of related products, which is owned and operated by the Company.
Channel. 6.3.1 At its expense, Pypo Beijing shall establish the Distribution Channels in which the Products will be sold within the Territory and select the distributors, retailers and operators, as well as decide the scope of sales for each product model based on market conditions, at its discretion.
Channel. 1. Company must enter into a contract (or other written instrument that is reasonably intended to form a contract) with each member of its Channel with which it has a direct business relationship. The contract must include the following terms:
Channel. The term "CHANNEL" means a set of electronics, including any embedded firmware, that processes a single data stream, reads the data from a single data track on tape with a single reproduce element, and detects and decodes the data. The number of Channels in a tape drive is the maximum number of Channels simultaneously active at any given time.
Channel. Sufficient frequency capacity to carry one standard video signal. See 47 U.S.C. §522(4).‌
Channel. Channel" shall mean a 6 MHz wide channel capable of carrying both audio and video signals.
Channel. EXERCISE 2 – Human motivation
Channel. 5.1 IBM may invite IBM PLM business partners in Named Accounts to support the IBM coverage. IBM will compensate the business partner in accordance with Section 5.4 below. On an exceptional basis and with DS' prior written agreement, there may be Delegated Accounts, which shall be identified on the Named Account Lists. On Delegated Accounts, IBM will compensate the business partners in accordance with the current fee model, and pay DS a channel management fee of [***] of the IBM PLM revenue recognized for the Delegated Account as compensation for managing the business partner. For the avoidance of doubt, a channel management fee shall be due by IBM to DS in Japan for managing business partners associated with those Named Accounts that are subcontractors of Toyota; this fee shall be [***] of the PLM revenue recognized by IBM from these Named Accounts. There will be no payment of a channel management fee to DS for IBM's use of a business partner to support the IBM coverage.
Channel. The Company will provide reasonable assistance to Xoom to "Wallet-enable" the SnapTV Site.