Channel Sample Clauses

Channel. A portion of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum which is used in a Cable System and which is capable of delivering a television channel.
Channel. A television programming service devoted to health, medicine and other related topics and the sale of related products, which is owned and operated by the Company.
Channel. Set to 0x00 if the application wishes to establish the range of logical channels used for virtual calls and permanent virtual circuits. OR Set to a particular logical channel number if the application wishes to establish the configuration (including the packet and window sizes) of that channel. Control Block values set on return: RETURN_ CODE: 0x00 The action has been performed successfully. 0x30 The selected logical channel is invalid (i.e., it was not included in the logical channel range defined in the configuration file). 0x06, 0x07, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0A See Section "Notes on Return Codes" for further details. BUFFER-
Channel. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Cash Management Documents, the Customer's Instructions and the Bank's reports under clause 2.2 of the Master Agreement shall be sent through the channel (the "Channel"), and subject to the provisions specified in Annexes A – D hereof.
Channel. 6.3.1 At its expense, Pypo Beijing shall establish the Distribution Channels in which the Products will be sold within the Territory and select the distributors, retailers and operators, as well as decide the scope of sales for each product model based on market conditions, at its discretion.
Channel. 1. Company must enter into a contract (or other written instrument that is reasonably intended to form a contract) with each member of its Channel with which it has a direct business relationship. The contract must include the following terms:
Channel. (a) Subject to the requirements of the Service Agreement, CBAA must use its best endeavours to cause ARN to provide the Member with the Channel to enable the Member to provide the Channel Services during the Term, in consideration for the membership fee which the Member has provided to CBAA, receipt of which is acknowledged by CBAA.
Channel. During the term of the agreement, Global shall use its reasonable best efforts to enroll as many of its affiliated agents as possible for Genesis's Internet distribution channel and to continuously and prominently market and promote Genesis's Internet channel to Global's customers.
Channel. Sufficient frequency capacity to carry one standard video signal. See 47 U.S.C. §522(4).‌
Channel. If this value is set to zero, then packets will be traced for all logical channels. I this value is non-zero and a logical channel is specified, then only packets received and transmitted on this selected channel will be traced. DATA: Offset 0x00 miscellaneous monitor configuration bits as follows: bit 0 if reset, then the dataline monitor is deactivated. If set, then the dataline monitor is activated. bit 1 if set, then each traced frame will include a millisecond time stamp. Note that this time stamp rotates between 0 and 65535 milliseconds. bit 2 if set, then the trace delay mode is activated. The trace delay mode prevents trace frames from being discarded due to limited on-board trace buffering. In effect, if the delay mode is enabled, then the actua transmission of HDLC frames is slowed down on the adapter to keep pace with the rate at which the application is reading trace frames from the board. bit 3 if set, then X.25 Data packets will be traced. bit 4 if set, then X.25 Supervisory packets will be traced. bit 5 if set, then X.25 Asynchronous packets will be traced. bit 6 if set, then all HDLC level frames will be traced. bit 7 if set, then the current trace configuration will be returned to the application. Note that the trace configuration will not be set if this bit is enabled. Offset 0x01 the trace deactivation timer. This timer is used in conjunction with the trace delay mode and automatically deactivates the trace in the case where the application does not read trace frames from the board at least once per defined deacitivation period. This value of this timer may be set from 1 to 8 seconds. Control Block values set on return: RETURN_ CODE: 0x00 The action has been performed successfully. 0x0A See Section "Notes on Return Codes" for further details. BUFFER-