CFR 164 Sample Clauses

CFR 164. 504(e)(2)(ii)(G)
CFR 164. 504(e)(1)-(3). This DUA also describes HHS’s remedies in the event of CONTRACTOR’s noncompliance with its obligations under this DUA. This DUA applies to both Business Associates and contractors who are not Business Associates who create, receive, maintain, use, disclose or have access to Confidential Information on behalf of HHS, its programs or clients as described in the Base Contract. As of the Effective Date of this DUA, if any provision of the Base Contract, including any General Provisions or Uniform Terms and Conditions, conflicts with this DUA, this DUA controls.
CFR 164. 502(e)(1)(1)(ii); 164.504(e)(1)(i) and (2)
CFR 164. 308(a)(2)
CFR 164. 308 (administrative safeguards); 164.310 (physical safeguards); 164.312 (technical safeguards); 164.530(c)(privacy safeguards)
CFR 164. 400- 414
CFR 164. 400-414.
CFR 164. 308(a)(2).