Cancelled Sample Clauses

Cancelled. Article 16.13 Supplement to benefit pursuant to the Income provision (fully disabled workers) Regulation (IVA) Any journalist who, after having reached the age of 55, has become fully incapacitated for work and has worked as a free local newspaper journalist for at least 10 years, shall be entitled to have their employer supplement this benefit to 90% of their net salary, taking into account the customary payments, capped at the maximum benefit level paid by National Insurance (daily wage according to Income provision (fully disabled workers) Regulation (IVA)) until the journalist reaches statutory pensionable age.
Cancelled. Article 16.12
Cancelled. Standard increase if not yet professionally mature
Cancelled. 4.1.8 No Event of Breach will have taken place and/or will there be, to the Lenders' knowledge, any great likelihood of there being an Event of Breach.
Cancelled. Article 13.15 Agreements as regards editorial committees for Newspaper Journalists Contrary to the provisions of article 10A.6 of the collective labour agreement, the following shall apply to employees classified into the job category of newspaper journalists.
Cancelled. InMode Ltd Sha’ar Yokneam 514073618 Limited Partnership [Signature] 53 [Signature]
Cancelled. 16.5.12 The Lessee hereby exempts the Lessor and/or the Management Company and/or their employees and managers, including employees of manpower companies who are hired by the Lessor and/or the Management Company through invoices, and corporate officers or companies under their control who are hired through invoices, and/or the other occupants of parts of the Building and/or their employees and managers, whose lease agreements, or any other agreements which confer upon them rights to the Building, include a corresponding exemption towards the Lessee, from liability with respect to damage for which the Lessee is entitled to indemnification in accordance with the insurance policies which are prepared in accordance with sections 16.1 and 16.2 above (or for which it would have been entitled to indemnification if not for the deductibles specified in the policy); however, the aforementioned exemption will not apply towards any person who has caused malicious damages.
Cancelled. Section 8.1.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of section 8 of the Agreement, it is hereby clarified that that during the Lease Period, the Lessee will bear the payments, fees, municipal taxes, taxes, and other payments with respect to the Leased Property, provided that the foregoing apply by law to a lessee and/or occupant and/or user of a leased property. However, it is hereby expressly agreed that in any case, the Lessee will pay the municipal taxes with respect to the Leased Property and its proportional share of the common areas, including if those apply by law to the owner. If is further clarified that insofar as betterment fees will be imposed due to the Lessee’s use of the Leased Property, in a manner which deviates from the Lease Period — the Lessee will pay the aforementioned fees.