Cafeteria Substitute Assignment Sample Clauses

Cafeteria Substitute Assignment. If a head cook is absent, the head cook designee in the building cafeteria, who must have completed appropriate training (within the employee’s regular paid workday) on the functions and responsibilities of the head cook position, shall assume the head cook’s duties and be paid the appropriate rate for that classification for all hours worked. For this purpose, the “head cook designee” will be rotated on a seniority basis among qualified cafeteria employees regularly assigned to the affected building who sign up on the rotation list compiled during the first ten (10) work days of the school year. When a cafeteria employee is absent, current employees shall be granted the opportunity to substitute (rotated on a seniority basis) before any outside substitutes are hired, provided a substitute can be obtained through every reasonable effort. Current employees in the classification who substitute for someone with more work hours shall be paid at the rate of pay for the position in which he/she is subbing. If a current cook becomes a head cook, he/she shall be granted experience credit on the head cook wage schedule for all years served as a cook.

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