Bylaw Sample Clauses

Bylaw. 3.1. The Property Owner understands they are subject to the Bylaw and agrees to comply with the requirements of the Bylaw.
Bylaw or “bylaws” means these Bylaws and any other bylaws of the Institute that may be in force;
Bylaw unless otherwise stated means this Business License Bylaw 1126 as amended.
Bylaw. In accordance with Illinois Jaw, when an officer discharges his/her firearm, causing injury or death to a person or persons, during the performance of his or her official duties or in the line of duty. The drug and alcohol testing must be completed as soon as practicable after the officer involved shooting but no later than the end of the involved officer’s shift or tour of duty. Random per the CBA Testing Officers may be randomly tested up to four (4) times per year, per officer. Alcohol Testing Two breath tests are required to determine if the officer has a prohibited alcohol concentration. A "screen" test shall be conducted first. Any results less than .02 alcohol concentration is considered a negative test, and a second test is not required. If the alcohol concentration is .02 or greater, a second or "confirmation test'' must be conducted. The employer will pay for all tests it directs. Time spent at the site and traveling to and from the testing site shall be treated as work time. All positive breath alcohol screens will be confirmed by a second breath alcohol test.
Bylaw. The requirements under which certificate of airworthiness and airworthiness review certificate shall be issued, varied, suspended or revoked, the form of the certificate of airworthiness and the form of the airworthiness review certificate, restrictions entered into the certificate of airworthiness, a method of conducting initial and recurrent aircraft inspections, charges payable for the recurrent inspections, contents of the aircraft maintenance programme, a manner in which a maintenance programme is applied, a method of identifying the minimum equipment list and configuration deviation list, and requirements under which a flight permit is issued shall be specified in the regulation adopted by the Directorate. Article 168
Bylaw. The contract in quadruplicate is effective. Both parties, the debtor and the mortgage registration institution each have one copy. (No text followed) (Signature Page) Party A: Guiyang branch of China Merchant Bank Co., LTD (stamp) Main person in charge or authorized: Party B: Guizhou Huacheng Real Estate Co., LTD. (stamp) Signed or stamped by legal representative/person in charge or authorized agent (signature or stamp): Signing date: March 7, 2011
Bylaw. 1. By this Bylaw, Council authorizes the District to enter into a housing agreement with SUNSHINE COAST PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT CORP. (Inc. No. BC0769374) in respect of the following land: Parcel Identifier: 003-503-631 and 007-700-911 Lot 6 and 7 Block P District Lot 303 Plan 14919 in the form of housing agreement attached as Schedule “A” to this Bylaw.
Bylaw. The Leader shall have received from the Borrower within 60 days of the date hereof copies of the Bylaws of the Borrower and Inmold and all amendments thereto, certified by the Secretary of the Borrower and Inmold as being true, correct and complete as of the date of such certification.
Bylaw. 1. 2013 Taxation Bylaw Moved/SecondedThat Bylaw 201 – 2013 Taxation Bylaw be adopted as presented.
Bylaw. The Town has enacted a bylaw and regulations consistent with 2.3.5.c.i to accomplish the following required elements of the construction site stormwater runoff program. The locations of the Town’s Stormwater Bylaw and Regulations are provided in Table 4. The bylaw was adopted on October 20, 2008 and will be reviewed and potentially amended before 6/30/2020. The stormwater regulations were adopted on February 1, 2010 and are periodically reviewed and updated.