Buffer Sample Clauses

Buffer. (a) Off-site Buffer. Tandberg will maintain, in stock at its facilities, a number of Tandberg TC 2000 buffer units ("Buffer Units") which, in the event of at Avistar's urgent request for advance replacement of failed Tandberg TC 2000 units *, and shall be adjusted, if necessary, based on Avistar's installed base and the reported failure rates. Avistar shall not pay for such Buffer Units provided Avistar shall, *, return the failed units to Tandberg in exchange for the Buffer Units. Tandberg's obligation to provide Avistar with such Advance Replacement units shall not exceed a maximum of * units simultaneously, except where, Tandberg at its sole discretion wishes to do so. * Confidential portions omitted pursuant to a confidential treatment request and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Buffer. Except as provided in the following two sentences, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained hereinabove in this Article XI, no claims for indemnification shall be made by one party against the other except to the extent that all such claims by one party for the other party's payment of indemnification claims hereunder shall aggregate in excess of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00), whereupon such parties shall be entitled to indemnification hereunder for indemnification claims for all losses, damages or expenses suffered in excess of such amount. The provisions of the immediately preceding sentence shall not apply with respect to any Buyer's Damages arising from a breach by the Sellers of the representations set forth in Sections 6.05 and 6.12 of this Agreement or a breach by Sellers of the provisions of Section 3.01
Buffer. An upland, wetland and or riparian area that protects and or enhances aquatic resource functions associated with wetlands, rivers, streams, lakes, marine, and estuarine systems from disturbances associated with adjacent land uses.
Buffer. Purchaser acknowledges that Purchaser must comply with (i) the more detailed architectural review procedures and buffer requirements set forth in the Development Guidelines and Section 2.4 of the Master Covenants and (ii) applicable federal, state and Town of Mt. Pleasant laws and ordinances. Prior to starting any land clearing or development, Purchaser shall cause all natural buffers for the portion of the Property fronting certain road right-of-ways (being 35 feet in width for property adjacent to applicable roads with a 100 foot right-of-way and 20 feet for property adjacent to applicable roads with a 70/50 foot right-of-way, unless some lesser amount of buffer is allowed under the Development Guidelines) to be surveyed and visually delineated. Purchaser shall take all reasonable steps to xxxx and protect any such natural buffers prior to and during any land clearing or development. Prior written approval by Seller shall be required for any clearing within such natural buffers, which approval may include a requirement that buffer areas disturbed during development shall be replanted in a manner acceptable to Seller. Purchaser acknowledges that to the extent no natural buffer exists in the required buffer portion of the Property fronting certain right-of-ways as discussed above, Purchaser will be required to satisfy the buffer requirements for said area as required by the Development Guidelines. Purchaser acknowledges that it must take steps to avoid damaging any wetland buffers, if any, adjacent to the Property and hereby indemnifies and holds Seller harmless if Purchaser impacts such buffers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Purchaser agrees that it must establish at its expense a landscaped buffer acceptable to Seller to buffer all improvements installed by Purchaser on the Parcel from Park West Boulevard. Purchaser agrees such buffer must be installed by Purchaser within thirty (30) days of substantial completion of the improvements on the Parcel planned by Seller. The landscape plan for such buffer must be submitted to Seller for Seller’s approval within Sixty (60) days of the Effective Date of this Agreement as provided above.
Buffer. Landlord shall enter into an agreement with the owner of the property adjoining the eastern boundary of the Land requiring that there be a ten (10) foot buffer located on all property adjoining the eastern boundary of the Land. EXHIBIT I [LAND OPTION AGREEMENT] TO BE ATTACHED EXHIBIT J [THE ADDITIONAL BUILDING] EXHIBIT K [WORK LETTER AGREEMENT] EXHIBIT L [LOCATION OF JOGGING TRAIL] 349255 349255
Buffer. The Buffer is the maximum percentage loss in an Index that is absorbed by us on a Segment End Date before the Indexed Segment will lose value. On any date before the Segment End Date, the Buffer is prorated by the amount of time that has elapsed in the Segment Term, by multiplying the Buffer times the Prorating Factor described below. Buffers are expressed as a percentage value that is greater than or equal to zero. IU-IA-4040 18
Buffer. A limitation used by the Company in Pairing construction, Line Construction, Trip Trades, assignment of Open Time, and other transactions to provide a cushion in order to prevent a Flight Attendant from exceeding CFR limitations.
Buffer. A) A 50’ landscaped buffer is required between commercial and existing residential uses. The buffer may be installed in phases as each development parcel is constructed, provided temporary measures are taken to buffer residential uses that are otherwise identified as future commercial uses within the PUD.
Buffer. A landscape buffer shall be required where property outside of the Project is zoned residential and is directly adjacent to commercial uses within the Project boundary. The minimum buffer width shall be 20 feet and be planted with one large or medium tree for each 20 linear feet of property on the boundary separating the adjacent Uses. No buffer shall be required internal to the Project.
Buffer. To provide screening of the Development to the south, the Developer has constructed and shall maintain, a landscape buffer ("Buffer") consisting of an earthen mound ("Mound") and plant material. The following commitments are made with respect to the Buffer: