Breeding Sample Clauses

Breeding. To breed the Pup only in accordance with breedings approved by the BWPGCA E&RF’s Breeding Committee; not to neuter the Pup without prior approval of the BWPGCA E&RF’s Breeding Committee; and, for Pups approved for breeding by the BWPGCA E&RF’s Breeding Committee, to breed female a Pup up to twice, and male Pup unlimited use, subject to mutual agreement between BREEDER and the BWPGCA E&RF’s Breeding Committee as to time of, and intervals between, breedings.
Breeding. If this dog is to be bred, OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) tests must be performed prior to breeding. Dog must be a minimum of 24 months old before OFA testing. The dog must qualify for a CHIC # which includes hip, eye and thyroid tests. Buyer also recommends an OFA cardiac evaluation prior to breeding. Buyer will notify Seller of any adverse results of this dog’s OFA tests, and any other health tests for diseases/conditions that may be influenced by genetics. Buyer will adhere to the Vizsla Club of America’s code of ethics if this dog is to be bred. Without exception, Co-owner must approve every breeding of this dog. General Provisions and Hold Harmless
Breeding. Buyer agrees that this pet quality puppy is sold expressly for the purpose of companionship and is not intended for breeding. Dog must not be used for any breeding of purebred Golden Retrievers, mixed breed offspring of any type, including, but not limited to any “designer” or “doodle” puppies. In the event this agreement is broken, Buyer is subject to Penalty as listed below; in addition, a $10,000.00 fee shall be levied and made payable to Breeder. This fee shall be binding upon the Buyer. If Buyer is seeking a show quality puppy for show and breeding purposes, this must be one of the first discussions upon inquiring on a puppy to ensure that Breeder is able to pick the best puppy possible to represent the future of the breed. In addition to the difference in purchase price, a separate contract must be signed to ensure that any breeding will be done responsibility, according to the GRCA Breeding Code of Ethics. NO BREEDING WILL BE ALLOWED WITH THIS PUPPY. GENERAL
Breeding. Tenant agrees not to breed or allow the Pet to reproduce, but if this should unintentionally occur, the Pet’s offspring shall be placed in homes other than the Premises within eight (8) weeks of birth.
Breeding. This puppy is NOT being sold with breeding rights and must be spayed or neutered as outlined below in section
Breeding i. The Pet will not be allowed to breed unless both parties consent.
Breeding. In purchasing a puppy from us, you agree to enter a spay/neuter contract agreement. This means that you agree to spay/neuter the pup before the ages specified in this subsection 3.g.i. Buyer understands that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. Buyer also agrees that should puppy not be spayed/neutered by age specified in subsection 3.g.i, Buyer will return said puppy (at Buyer’s expense) back to the seller/breeder with no refund or will be required to pay the Breeder the dog’s full purchase breeding value, which can be 5 times higher than the purchased pet value as specified below in section 3.g.iv. Breeder sells pets for companion purposes only. If your dog is bred purposely or accidentally, Breeder’s Health Guarantee shall terminate and become null and void.
Breeding. The Placement Partner shall neither intentionally nor unintentionally breed any animal received from OCAS. This requirement shall not apply to native wildlife species that have been re-released into the wild.