Breeding Sample Clauses

Breeding. The MARE OWNER hereby engages one service by shipped cooled semen to NOTHIN BUT NETT (the "Stallion") for the following Mare for the 2021 breeding season: NAME OF MARE, REGISTRATION NUMBER, AND BREED (the "Mare")
Breeding. Mare Owner agrees to breed the Mare to Stallion, standing at the location during the current breeding season as stated above in the Recitals. Mare Owner shall pay to Breeder a non-refundable fee for the breeding, payable upon execution of this agreement. The booking fee shall be $200. Such breeding shall be conducted in the manner and at such time and frequencies as Breeder may determine in its sole discretion, taking into consideration veterinarian’s recommendations, the health of the Stallion, the health of the Mare, the likelihood of successful breeding and the efficient and economical administration of Breeder’s breeding facility.
Breeding. Client contracts to breed this mare to MARWAN AL MAGNIFFICOO, standing at McDonald Arabians. The stud fee shall be: $3,500 (Three Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars). Of which, A non-refundable booking fee of $1000.00 per breeding, is payable upon execution of this contract and the balance due shall be payable prior to the shipment of semen or breeding of the mare. The breeding season will end on August 1st of each year, unless otherwise changed in writing. See breeding regulations for full details.
Breeding. If this dog is to be bred, OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) tests must be performed prior to breeding. Dog must be a minimum of 24 months old before OFA testing. The dog must qualify for a CHIC # which includes hip, eye and thyroid tests. Buyer also recommends an OFA cardiac evaluation prior to breeding. Buyer will notify Seller of any adverse results of this dog’s OFA tests, and any other health tests for diseases/conditions that may be influenced by genetics. Buyer will adhere to the Vizsla Club of America’s code of ethics if this dog is to be bred. Without exception, Co-owner must approve every breeding of this dog. General Provisions and Hold Harmless
Breeding. The Adopter agrees to never breed the adopted equine. If the equine is bred, the resulting offspring automatically becomes the property of Faith N Friends and must be returned, free of charge, to Faith N Friends once it is old enough to be weaned.
Breeding. The MARE OWNER hereby engages one breeding service to RED WHITE N GOOD, AQHA #5214831 (“STALLION”) for the mare (“MARE”) listed here and further described in EXHIBIT A for the 2021 breeding season. MARE Name: Registries/Registration #:
Breeding. Midwest shall breed the Mare to the Stallion, and the Breeding Customer hereby authorizes Midwest to breed the Mare to the Stallion, pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof.
Breeding a. The adopter agrees never to breed the above mentioned horse for the duration of the horse’s life for racing or any other purpose.