Biological Opinion Sample Clauses

Biological Opinion. Any opinion issued by a Government Authority authorized to do so under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that reviews and assesses whether the operating plan submitted by BPA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation will jeopardize the survival of any creature or creatures that have been determined to be threatened or endangered pursuant to the ESA. Black Start Capability – The ability of generators to self-start without any source of off-site electric power and maintain adequate voltage and frequency while energizing isolated transmission facilities and auxiliary loads of other generators. Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) - The Federal power marketing agency responsible for selling the output of all Columbia River Federal project generation, and for ownership, operation, and maintenance of a major share of the northwest high-voltage transmission system.
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  • Legal Opinion The Agent shall have received the opinions of Company Counsel required to be delivered pursuant to Section 7(m) on or before the date on which such delivery of such opinion is required pursuant to Section 7(m).

  • Dissemination of Research Findings and Acknowledgement of Controlled-Access Datasets Subject to the NIH GDS Policy It is NIH’s intent to promote the dissemination of research findings from use of controlled-access dataset(s) subject to the NIH GDS Policy as widely as possible through scientific publication or other appropriate public dissemination mechanisms. Approved Users are strongly encouraged to publish their results in peer-reviewed journals and to present research findings at scientific meetings.

  • Second Medical Opinions Members are entitled to a second medical opinion when disputing the appropriateness or necessity of a surgical procedure, or when subject to a serious injury or illness.

  • Second Opinion In any case where the Employer has reason to doubt the validity of the certification as outlined above, the Employer may require, at the Employer's expense, if not covered by insurance, that the eligible employee obtain the opinion of a second health care provider designated or approved by the Employer concerning any information certified by the original certification. The provider of the second opinion shall not be employed on a regular basis by the Employer.

  • Acknowledgement of Existing Physical Conditions In undertaking the work under this Contract, the Contractor acknowledges that he has visited the premises and has taken into consideration all open and apparent conditions that might affect his work. No claim based on lack of knowledge of existing conditions shall be allowed unless the existing physical conditions cannot be discovered by a reasonably observant person. Any claims relating to conditions that are materially different from the Contract Documents that were not open and apparent may be adjusted as provided in this Part.

  • Second Opinions The Member may access a second opinion from a Network Provider regarding a medical diagnosis or treatment plan. The Member may request Preauthorization or may visit a KFHPWA-designated Specialist for a second opinion. When requested or indicated, second opinions are provided by Network Providers and are covered with Preauthorization, or when obtained from a KFHPWA-designated Specialist. Coverage is determined by the Member's EOC; therefore, coverage for the second opinion does not imply that the services or treatments recommended will be covered. Preauthorization for a second opinion does not imply that KFHPWA will authorize the Member to return to the physician providing the second opinion for any additional treatment. Services, drugs and devices prescribed or recommended as a result of the consultation are not covered unless included as covered under the EOC.

  • Opinion On or before the Closing Date, the Master Servicer shall cause to be delivered to the Depositor, the Seller, the Trustee and any NIMS Insurer one or more Opinions of Counsel, dated the Closing Date, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Depositor and Xxxxxx Brothers Inc., as to the due authorization, execution and delivery of this Agreement by the Master Servicer and the enforceability thereof.

  • Dienste Und Materialien Von Drittanbietern (a) Die Apple-Software gewährt möglicherweise Zugang zu(m) iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, Game Center, iCloud, Karten von Apple und zu anderen Diensten und Websites von Apple und Drittanbietern (gemeinsam und einzeln als „Dienste“ bezeichnet). Solche Dienste sind möglicherweise nicht in xxxxx Sprachen oder in xxxxx Ländern verfügbar. Die Nutzung dieser Dienste erfordert Internetzugriff und die Nutzung bestimmter Dienste erfordert möglicherweise eine Apple-ID, setzt möglicherweise dein Einverständnis mit zusätzlichen Servicebedingungen voraus und unterliegt unter Umständen zusätzlichen Gebühren. Indem du diese Software zusammen mit einer Apple-ID oder einem anderen Apple-Dienst verwendest, erklärst du dein Einverständnis mit den anwendbaren Servicebedingungen für diesen Dienst, z. B. den neuesten Apple Media Services-Bedingungen für das Land, in dem du auf diese Services zugreifst, die du über die Webseite xxxxx:// internet-services/itunes/ anzeigen und nachlesen kannst

  • Meteorological Data Reporting Requirement (Applicable to wind generation facilities only) The wind generation facility shall, at a minimum, be required to provide the Transmission Provider with site-specific meteorological data including: • Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) • Wind speed (meters/second) • Wind direction (degrees from True North) • Atmosphere pressure (hectopascals) • Forced outage data (wind turbine and MW unavailability)

  • CERTIFICATION OF NO ASBESTOS CONTAINING MATERIALS OR WORK 8.1 The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that no asbestos containing materials or work is included within the scope of the Work. The Contractor shall take whatever measures it deems necessary to insure that all employees, suppliers, fabricators, material men, subcontractors, or their assigns, comply with this requirement.

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