BIO Sample Clauses

BIO. Provide a Bio of yourself, telling us a little about yourself. Things like where you go to school, your hobbies, pets, family etc.
BIO. RAD shall (i) evaluate and determine in good ----------------- faith whether regulatory approval is required in each country in which it elects to market or distribute the Kits and/or BIO-RAD Systems for use within the Fields and shall obtain all regulatory approvals BIO-RAD so determines are required for such marketing and distribution; and (ii) have sold Kits for which a royalty is owed pursuant to Section 4.6(c) (including a Kit within Field Four) and have commenced marketing, distribution and commercial sale of BIO-RAD Systems, in each of (i) and (ii) within [**] months after the availability of the Luminex100 System. BIO-RAD shall have [**] days to file regulatory approvals which BIO-RAD determined in its good faith judgment were not required but with respect to which BIO-RAD was later notified by the applicable government agency were required. Failure by BIO-RAD to comply with (i) and (ii) with respect to Field Four shall give LUMINEX the right at its sole election to terminate [**] of Article 3.2 (b) by written notice to BIO-RAD, except to the extent caused solely by LUMINEX's failure to supply Standard Beads or Luminex100 Systems in accordance with the terms hereof or the Development Agreement.
BIO. Vascular shall cause the Bio-Vascular Consolidated Returns to include and reflect the activities, transactions and operations of Vital Images for all Pre-Closing Periods.
BIO. WEST will utilize ENG Form 4345 for the permit application and attach the following: • Applicant and Applicant’s Agent Name and Contact InformationProject Description (nature of the activity, project purpose, reason(s) for discharge, type(s) of material being discharged, surface area of wetlands or other waters, a description of avoidance, minimization, and compensation, and addresses of adjoining property owners) • Project Location Information • Description of Proposed Impacts • TCEQ Tier II Questionnaire • Threatened and Endangered Species Determination • Cultural Resource Assessment To address and calculate project impacts the wetland delineation information and the project plans from the engineer will be prepared. Additionally, the iHGM functional assessment will be prepared and included to identify the values of the existing features. Once the permit application is completed, BIO- WEST will forward an electronic copy of the application for review and comment. Following incorporation of comments, BIO-WEST will submit the completed application to the USACE Galveston 2017 Fort Bend County Mobility W. Sycamore Road Expansion May 11, 2021 Page 4 District for review. Based on previous conversations with the client, BIO-WEST understands the need to secure appropriate compensatory mitigation for the proposed project. Upon determination that impacts to jurisdictional areas are unavoidable and will require mitigation BIO-WEST will immediately begin discussions with qualified mitigation solution companies in order to seek out mitigation credits. BIO- WEST will work in order to secure the appropriate mitigation option that best suites the needs of the proposed project.
BIO. IMAGING shall bear full and exclusive liability also for the payment of any kind of compensation, salary or other fee or indemnity of whatsoever nature to the Personnel, as well as any and all kind of contributions, taxes or other, now or hereafter imposed by any governmental authority, with respect to or measured by wages, salaries, or other compensation to be paid by BIO-IMAGING to the Personnel. BIO-IMAGING further agrees to indemnify and save BRACCO and its affiliates harmless against any and all such liability or claims in connection with BIO-IMAGING's exclusive liability stated in this Paragraph 4.3.
BIO. PLEXUS shall develop SNAs for two (2) IV catheter hub configurations. The first SNAs developed shall be compatible with a hub configuration for a straight plastic hub. A second configuration SNAs may optionally be required by JJMI for a winged, metal hubbed or side port catheter.
BIO. VED will purchase "Multicidal" sales products from SIMRONE at such prices as both parties may agree. BIO-VED will resell said "Multicidal" sales products to BLUE CROSS at such prices as BIO-VED and BLUE CROSS may mutually agree. All samples for promotion will be transferred by SIMRONE to BIO-VED and by BIO-VED to BLUE CROSS at cost inclusive of applicable central excise and sales tax. BLUE CROSS will decide its selling prices including Maximum Retail Price (MRP) at its sole discretion. BLUE CROSS will pay to BIO-VED for all the supplies, within 45 days of the receipt of the same.
BIO. Xxxx-Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, is a sound editor, recordist and studio technician living in Canada where he works on Xxxx Xxxxxx’x Air Xxx franchise after a stint in London at Heavy- Entertainment and on the set of Xxxxx Xxxxxx.
BIO. RAD shall maintain a policy or policies of fire and property damage insurance in “all risk” form with a sprinkler leakage endorsement insuring the personal property, inventory and trade fixtures within the Sublet Premises for the full replacement value thereof. BIO-RAD shall also maintain a policy or policies of worker’s compensation insurance and any other employee benefit insurance sufficient to comply with all applicable laws.
BIO. S” (trigeneration using renewable energy sources: biomass and solar thermodynamics) proposed by XXXX, which has developed a chain of solar energy plants in Italy based on the concept of solar thermodynamics. The plant will be built and managed by Enel Green Power, world leader in the development and management of renewable sources and technological innovation in the field of green energy, thanks to the commitment made by Roma Capitale through the signing of the Aalborg Charter, which involves making commitments and taking practical action at a local level for the sustainable development of urban areas, and the Covenant of Mayors launched by the EU Commission, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Trebios is a small-scale, modular, polygeneration concentrated solar power plant that will ensure the continuous production of electricity (1-5 MWe) and process steam, as well as integrate and, thus, enhance the renewable resources of sunlight and biomass that are widely available in the municipal area. This biomass will initially be treated with the process steam generated by the plant itself, to separate its components, firstly lignin, which can also be used in gaseous form in the auxiliary molten salts heater to support electricity generation in the absence of sunlight (for example on overcast days), providing about 40% of the total, then the cellulosic components, which are subjected to a fermentation process that produces ethanol, a fuel that can be used in internal combustion engines, contributing to sustainable public transport. The plant will therefore be capable of generating electricity 24 hours a day , at night and on overcast days, with zero-CO2-emissions, from renewable sources only, including the prunings from the city’s trees, which will be transformed into both electricity and biofuel for use in public transport vehicles. Biomass may also be obtained from the vast farming and forestry resources available in what is Italy’s largest municipality. The exploitation of this biomass ”waste” could have a major economic impact by significantly increasing the income of agri-businesses, giving a vital boost to enterprises previously dismissed as marginal. The Trebios project marks an important stepping stone on the way to reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental impact of urban mobility, a commitment already made by the Enel Group through the agreement signed with Roma Capitale and ACEA to develop a network of interoperable recharge points for elec...