Beverages Sample Clauses

Beverages. Vendor agrees not to sell carbonated beverages, sports drinks, iced teas, fruit drinks, and/or bottled water at the Last Fling. Only shake-ups, smoothies, and other prepared beverages will be considered.
Beverages. The Employer shall allow the employees to have facilities for warm or cold beverages (coffee, iced tea, etc.) on the premises. The employees shall also be permitted to bring cakes, cookies, etc., for birthdays or other occasions.
Beverages. If wine or liquor is to be provided from a source other than an approved purveyor and served, it must be delivered in advance of the Event and approved by the mashgiach or be pre-approved by Rabbi Krohn or his designee. All wine must be ‘mevushal.’ The Renter must provide adult supervision to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not consumed by anyone under the age of twenty-one years at any Event. Unused alcoholic beverages must be removed from the Shul upon completion of rental. Any leftover alcoholic beverages not removed will be discarded. COMPLIANCE WITH ANY AND ALL LAWS AND REGULATIONS THAT PERTAIN TO THE USE AND PROVISIONS OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WITHIN THE SHUL, ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF RENTER.
Beverages. CLIENT assumes the right and responsibility to provide all or part of the bar/beverage supplies and/or service as per venue guidelines and previous agreements with CATERER. CATERER is never liable for any bar/alcohol related incidents when service is being provided by any party other than a Divine Catering OLCC Licensed CATERER exclusively. CATERER may also provide beverage service or Bar Support as previously agreed upon in writing. When CATERER is responsible for hosting the bar, no outside alcoholic beverages are permitted to be opened or served by any party other than an OLCC licensed CATERER. CATERER has the exclusive right to cease alcohol service and shut down the bar if CATERER finds that any attendees have illegally brought in/opened/served alcohol outside of a hosted bar with an OLCC Licensed CATERER. Fines may be imposed if this guideline is not met. (initial )
Beverages. Beverages are provided solely by vendor and must be consumed only in the restaurant and patio or in the main lodge. Please note that bartending staff are included in the price if bar bill is exceeds $600. If not, a per hour charge of $30 + HST will be levied per bartender (normally 2) Soft Drinks - $2.00 Coffee/Tea $2.00 Domestic Beer / Spirits $6.00 Imported / Craft Beer / Cider $7.00 Wine $6.50 Specialty Cocktails $7.00 Bottles Nova Scotia Wine $36 Bottles Imported Wine - $25-$75 Cash or Host bar available - 2020 Prices include HST - Please note that prices may fluctuate. Homemade wine or other homemade beverages are not permitted to be served at the restaurant or main lodge.
Beverages. No alcoholic beverages or soda or other soft drinks may be brought into or leave the hall unless otherwise arranged with the General Manager. In compliance with Massachusetts law, only alcoholic beverages served by the Country Club staff are allowed. Guests must possess and display a valid form of identification verifying their age. The Town reserves the right to insist that any person violating this policy leave the premises immediately. Country Club staff may, at its discretion, limit or deny service of alcohol to any person that appears to be consuming more alcohol than is considered responsible and safe. We ask that you support us in meeting this responsibility. Beverages are allowed only in the hall and on the front porch.
Beverages. The consumption of Non-alcoholic beverages is a part and parcel of every occasion, in order to serve you better we have devised the following packages to suit your needs: Sodas, Fresh/Can juices, Tea/coffee Terms and conditions □ Bricklane agrees to cater the function and to render the additional services contracted for by client in accordance with the provisions of this contract and client agrees to pay therefore the sum stated. □ Bricklane has made no representation that the instrument is other then a binding contract or that is, was signed or delivered subject to any condition not specifically set forth therein. Bricklane has made no representation giving the client the right to cancel without liability. Client has read this contract and is fully familiar with the terms there of. Client agrees that in executing this contract he/she is not relying on any statement or representation not embodied here. □ Payment terms: A deposit in the amount of 50% of the estimated contract price must be paid by the client at the time this contract is signed by Bricklane and client.The entire remaining balance of the estimated contract price must be paid in full on the day of the function. All payments must be by cash , credit card or certified check only. The estimated contract price shall be calculated by multiplying the amount per guest by the number of guests expected including such additional charges shown in this contract. No more then seven(7) days prior to the function the client shall provide a final ,”expected number of guests” which is greater than the original number of guaranteed guest will the minimum number charged for, even if less guest actually attend. The minimum guarantee is not subject to reduction. Client shall also pay all applicable Federal, state and city taxes in effect on the date the function takes place, in addition to the price set forth. Bricklane reserves the right to make additional charges, including over time for waiters and staff for functions running beyond the agreed upon time , in the event client fails to pay as set forth here in, Bricklane shall be under no obligation to admit client and his guests or to provide any food or services and client shall be deemed to have breached this contract. □ If the client shall cancel the contemplated affair, the initial deposit will be forfeited. If the client shall cancel the contemplated affair earlier then 10 days of the scheduled function date client agrees to pay Bricklane and Bricklane agre...
Beverages a. Absolutely no alcoholic beverage of any kind is allowed in the rented area or on the church property.