AVAILABLE Sample Clauses

AVAILABLE. Following the Incident Command System protocols, the status of a fire fighting resource that indicates its availability for assignment on an incident. BACKFILLING: The act of providing cover staffing at the station or administrative site that has been vacated by the resources provided to the incident BOUNDARY FIRE: A fire burning on or directly adjacent to the Direct Protection Boundary between the Department and the Forest Service.
AVAILABLE. The legend set forth above shall be removed by the Corporation from any certificate evidencing the Common Shares issuable upon exercise of the Warrants only (i) upon receipt by the Corporation of an opinion in form and substance satisfactory to the Corporation that such legend may be removed pursuant to Rule 144 promulgated under the 1933 Act, (ii) upon confirmation that a registration statement under the 1933 Act is at that time in effect with respect to such Common Shares and that such transfer will not jeopardize the exemption or exemptions from registration pursuant to which the respective Common Shares were issued.
AVAILABLE. (a) ―Available‖ is defined as a requirement that an employee, during off-duty hours, leave word at home or with the employer where the employee may be reached. Such employee is not subject to any other restriction specified under Sections 1 or 2 and is neither ―on call‖ nor on ―standby‖ and shall not receive additional compensation therefore.
AVAILABLE. When used with respect to pole, duct, conduit, and right-of-way space, the term “available” refers to space that is not occupied or assigned. In conduit systems owned or controlled by SWBT, maintenance ducts will not be considered “available” for assignment. All other unassigned ducts, inner ducts, sub-ducts, and partitioned conduits in a conduit system owned or controlled by SWBT will be deemed available for assignment.
AVAILABLE. The term Available, when used with respect to Conduit or Duct space or Poles, refers to any usable space in such Conduit or Duct or on such Pole not assigned to a specific provider at the applicable time.
AVAILABLE. 1.1 The IT Environment and/or the Services shall be Available when:
AVAILABLE. It is understood and agreed that: (i) the reference to the resale restrictions of the Securities Act in the above legend shall be removed by delivery of substitute certificate(s) without such reference if Xxxxxxx shall have delivered to the Company a copy of a letter from the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission, or an opinion of counsel, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Company, to the effect that such legend is not required for purposes of the Securities Act; and (ii) the reference to the provisions to this Agreement in the above legend shall be removed by delivery of substitute certificate(s) without such reference if the shares have been sold or transferred in compliance with the provisions of this Agreement and under circumstances that do not require the retention of such reference. In addition, such certificates shall bear any other legend as may be required by law.
AVAILABLE. The term "available", when used with respect to conduit or duct space or pole attachment space, refers to any usable space in such conduit or duct or on such pole not assigned to a specific provider at the applicable time.
AVAILABLE. (C) When an employee has been affected by a decrease of forces, and is discussing employment options with Human Resources, a member of the Union Seniority Committee will be present, unless the employee requests no Union representation and signs a waiver.
AVAILABLE. The term “Available” means that the Subscription Service can be accessed by authorized users.