Availability of Performance Order Sample Clauses

Availability of Performance Order. If, and to the extent that, a breach of this contract has been caused by a Relevant Force Majeure Event, the Non-affected Party shall not be entitled to a Performance Order except to secure performance by the Affected Party of its obligations under this Clause 17.
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Related to Availability of Performance Order

  • Continuity of Performance In the event of a dispute between the Party and the State, each party will continue to perform its obligations under this Agreement during the resolution of the dispute until this Agreement is terminated in accordance with its terms.

  • Assessment of Performance The assignment of a teacher to a TLS position will be subject to review by the school district’s administration at least annually. The first review must be completed no later than five (5) work days before the beginning of the transfer process. The review shall include peer feedback on the effectiveness of the teacher’s performance of duty specific to the teacher’s TLS position. A teacher who completes an assignment in a TLS position may apply for assignment to a new TLS position.

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