August Sample Clauses

August. August 13, 2012 The MOHLTC will provide to the LHIN the most recent quarter of performance data for indicators in Schedule 4: Local Health System Management Due Date Description of Item August 15, 2012 The MOHLTC will provide the preliminary approved allocation for the current fiscal year, as of July 31 of the current fiscal year, and the funding targets for the next year, if available. August 27, 2012 The LHIN will submit to the MOHLTC a report on performance indicators using the forms provided by the MOHLTC August 31, 2012 MOHLTC will provide to the LHIN the forms and information requirements for the 2012/13 Annual Business Plan August 31, 2012 MOHLTC will provide to the LHIN the forms and information requirements for the Multi-year Consolidation Report
August. 2014 The salary scales of the collective agreement will be increased according to appendix 1a. The personal euro-based increases defined by the employer will not be separately increased. Euro-based salaries (other than YPJ-salaries) will be increased by a 0,4 % or minimum 20 € general increase.
August. 1 – OCTOBER 1 DECEMBER 1 Review Period (Count) Leave of Absence (Does not count) Review Period (Count) EXAMPLE 2 The employee’s last instance of absence occurred on October 1st for a total of eight (8) hours work time lost. The same employee had two (2) separate Leaves of Absence for the periods April 1st through May 1st, and June 1st through August 1st. The review period for the purpose of this Article would encompass the last six (6) months of employees actual work time between January 1st and October 1st. JAN 1 APRIL 1 – MAY 1 JUNE 1 – AUG 1 OCT 1 Review Period (Count) Leave of Absence (Does not count) Review Period (Count) Leave of Absence (Does not count) Review Period (Count)
August. 14. Report back variations to the State on historical FFS payment rates and outcomes for each bundled payment option.
August. In cases of promotion, demotion, or upgrading of employees, departmental seniority shall be the governing factor provided skill and ability are equal; seniority lists shall be maintained for each of the three hotels. An employee to another hotel department will be placed on the bottom of the seniority list in the respective department to which the transfer was made. The Reservation Department and switchboard shall each maintain a single seniority listing for the complex; In the scheduling of employees, days off shall be governed by seniority. Employees shall not have more than two (2) out of (3) weekends Off. Weekends include any two (2) consecutive days off one of the days on a Saturday or Sunday. shall be rotated on a and equitable basis. Doubling-back of shifts shall be by mutual consent of the Company and the concerned. employee declining a promotion or to qualify in position shall retain seniority in the position they held prior to the offer of providing occurs within (45) days of the transfer. A shall be defined as employee registered a course of study or interest courses excepted) whether or not employed between school terms. The following provisions shall apply to students covered by Collective Agreement: students shall be listed on their own seniority list in their respective department and shall not have seniority over other employees;, seniority shall be calculated on the number of hours worked; seniorityshall year to year, however, the season of employment or the (50) days worked, whatever is greater, shall be considered a probationary period and the terms of Article shall apply; students shall not participate the Company benefit programmes stipulated under Article of Collective Agreement; the event a student terminates programme of study, is to advise the Company and senioritywill be awarded at the bottom of the department seniority list. Hours worked shall be transferred to an agreed upon start date under the overall seniority hours equals one year of service); students shall advise the Company at least two (2) weeks ahead of their intended last day of work prior to their return to their educational institute; students may be to work at other properties at the discretion of the Company; where feasible, students shall take on shift rotation; all other and conditions of the Collective Agreement shall apply to students. an employee who IO student status shall cease accumulate departmental seniority. Seniority will continue to accumulate when the...
August. The District agrees to remit within ten (10) calendar days directly to the Washington 35 Education Association or its designee all monies so deducted, accompanied by a list of 36 employees from whom the deductions have been made. A duplicate list shall be promptly 37 provided to the Association as receipt for said transaction. 38
August. The Bureau of Labour Informationmaintains an extensive library of collective agreements in both the federal and provincial jurisdictions. With respect to your organization, the collective agreement described above is the latest we have on file. Could you please send us a copy of any subsequent agreement or amendment, including any attachments which are part of the agreement or pension or health plans) referred to in the agreement. Please show separately, the number of employees covered by the agreement in the space provided on the return part of this form. Your co-operationwill help the Bureau of Labour Information maintain its services in the collective bargaining field. Yours sincerely, Collection of Agreements Unit Telephone or Please complete this part and forward with copy of collective agreement to: Bureau of Labour Information Collection of Agreements Unit Government of Canada Ottawa, Ontario File:
August. 1953 Deed of grant Sir RC Brooke (1) The United Sulphuric Acid Corporation Ltd (2)
August. Arrange for the Salishan Lodge meeting rooms for next year, get written confirmation as soon as possible, verify as necessary. Also arrange for recording of the meeting. Closer to the date, count attendance sheets returned and notify Lodge. Meeting rooms needed – Hills Annual Meeting (3 pm), Bluffs & Islands Annual meetings, Election Committee (all at 1 pm)