August Sample Clauses

August. August 13, 2012 The MOHLTC will provide to the LHIN the most recent quarter of performance data for indicators in Schedule 4: Local Health System Management Due Date Description of Item August 15, 2012 The MOHLTC will provide the preliminary approved allocation for the current fiscal year, as of July 31 of the current fiscal year, and the funding targets for the next year, if available. August 27, 2012 The LHIN will submit to the MOHLTC a report on performance indicators using the forms provided by the MOHLTC August 31, 2012 MOHLTC will provide to the LHIN the forms and information requirements for the 2012/13 Annual Business Plan August 31, 2012 MOHLTC will provide to the LHIN the forms and information requirements for the Multi-year Consolidation Report
August. The first payment shall, however, be made at the time the Escrow Agreement is signed and shall amount to the proportion of the fee up to 1 August 202X.
August. The employer has to pay wages for the period of notice, together with holiday compensation accruing from the said period calculated until 1 November.
August. City of Long Beach Case No. SSDP 2012-01. , 2013. SEPA Documentation for the 26th Street Northwest Xxxxxxx Project. August. City of Long Beach Case No. SSDP 2013-01. , 2014. Shoreline Restoration Plan, City of Longview Shorelines: Columbia River, Cowlitz River, and Lake Sacajawea. June, revised in August. Encyclopaedia Britannica at xxxx:// Canyon. Site visited 7/22/14.
August. 2014 The salary scales of the collective agreement will be increased according to appendix 1a. The personal euro-based increases defined by the employer will not be separately increased. Euro-based salaries (other than YPJ-salaries) will be increased by a 0,4 % or minimum 20 € general increase.
August. Contract dates are July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024 XXXVIII The work year for new teachers shall not exceed 189 days XXI September The work year for teachers shall not exceed 185 days XXI Summer advisors paid September 15th XXX The assistants work year may be increased up to 4 days XXXII Teachers shall attend 3 evening sessions (see conditions) XXI Building Liaison shall meet monthly or as needed VI November 30 Fall sports coaches paid year long, activity advisors paid in 3 installments – Nov 30, March 30 and June 15 XXX December 1st Transcripts due to BOE for horizontal step advancement XXX Notification to BOE of horizontal step advancement for upcoming year XXX Members retiring at end of school year must notify BOE to ensure payment for unused sick days in the year they retire VIII Notification of remaining tuition funds X Sabbatical leave request due by December 31st XXIX March 30th Coaches paid for winter sports XXX May 15th Notification to LEA President of staff reassignments and transfers XXIV Notice of non-renewal to non-tenured teachers XX June 1st All teachers given written notice of tentative salary schedule, class and or subject assignment, building assignment and room assignment XX June 15th Coaches paid for spring sports XXX June Annual summary conference will be held on or before five (5) working days prior to the last teaching day in June XXVII Table of Contents Article Begins on Page No Preamble 1 I Recognition 1 II Recognition of Successor Agreement 2 Section A All Employees III Members Rights 2 IV Grievance Procedures 2 V Association Rights and Privileges 4 VI Faculty Administration Liaison Committee 5 VII Instructional Council 5 VIII Leave Time 5 IX Extended Leaves of Absence 9 X Professional Development and Educational Improvement 9 XI Insurance Protection 10 XII Protection of Employee and Property 11 XIII Deduction from Salary 11 XIV Salaries and Extra Compensation 11 XV Postings and Summer School 12 XVI Books and Other Instructional Materials and Supplies 12 XVII Mileage Reimbursement 12 XVIII Substitutes 12 XIX Miscellaneous Provisions 12 Section B Certified Staff Only XX Teacher Employment Assignment 13 XXI Work Year 13 XXII Work Day and Work Load 14 XXIII Educational Facilities 16 XXIV Voluntary Transfer 16 XXV Involuntary Transfers and Reassignments 16 XXVII Evaluation of Certified Employees 17 XXVIII Maintenance of Classroom Control and Discipline 18 XXX Salaries and Extra Compensation 19 XXXI Non-Teaching Duties 20 Section C Non-Cer...
August. Balzkeas Museum of Lithuanian culture partnered with the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in celebrating “Embrace Freedom the Baltic Way” rally on August 23 at Xxxxx Plaza. The exhibit organized by the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture titled No Home To Go To: The Story of Baltic Displaced Persons was open in the lobby of Xxxxx Center on the day of the rally. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Lithuanian architect, thinker, leader of the legendary band Antis that played a key role in Lithuanian Independence movement performed at the “Embrace Freedom the Baltic Way” event, and was hosted by Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx at his studio in the Xxxxxxx towers. The next day, August 24, the official opening of the project No Home To Go To: The Story of Baltic Displaced Persons was celebrated at the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture. September CSCI Vilnius Committee hosted a welcome reception for USA Ambassador to Lithuanian Xxxxxxx X. XxXxxxxx on Wednesday, September 10, 6 PM at the Xxxxxxx tower residencies. Ambassador XxXxxxxx was welcomed by the CSCI Executive Director Xxxxx Xxxxxx, The Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian Foundation Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, members and guests of CSCI Vilnius Committee. In her address the Ambassador noted the importance of strengthening the ties between Chicago and Vilnius, sister cities since 1993. During this visit, Xxxxxxx XxXxxxxx participated in the Chicago Council of Global Affairs lunch where she led the discussion on US-Baltic cooperation in the wake of Russian threats to European security. Ambassador also met with the Deputy Mayor of the city of Chicago Xxxxx Xxxx, visited the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, met with local community groups and organizations. October CSCI Vilnius Committee sponsored a set of runners’ t-shirts for the Lithuanian team of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, October 12, 2014.
August. 1 – OCTOBER 1 DECEMBER 1 Review Period (Count) Leave of Absence (Does not count) Review Period (Count) EXAMPLE 2 The employee’s last instance of absence occurred on October 1st for a total of eight (8) hours work time lost. The same employee had two (2) separate Leaves of Absence for the periods April 1st through May 1st, and June 1st through August 1st. The review period for the purpose of this Article would encompass the last six (6) months of employees actual work time between January 1st and October 1st. JAN 1 APRIL 1 – MAY 1 JUNE 1 – AUG 1 OCT 1 Review Period (Count) Leave of Absence (Does not count) Review Period (Count) Leave of Absence (Does not count) Review Period (Count)
August. Effective 1st August 2016, Microsoft is refreshing the Project cloud offerings. As part of this, the following plans will be discontinued and replaced by the new plans. The existing plans will be available until 31st December 2016 for existing customers to be able to renew/add seats. • Project Pro for Office 365 • Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 SKU sample: SKU DESCRIPTION 4QT-00002 Project Pro for Office 365 Shared Sever ALNG Subscription VL MVL Per / User 43T-00002 Project Onlene with Project Pro Office 365 Shared Sever ALNG Subscription VL MVL Per / User NEW Azure Active Directory Premium Name Changes Effective 1st August 2016, the following plans will be renamed: Azure Active Directory Premium will be renamed to 1st AUGUST “Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1OLD PRODUCT FAMILY NAME NEW PRODUCT FAMILY NAME TARGET CHANGE DATE NEW SKU Azure Active Directory Prem Azure Active Directory Prem P1 1st August 2016 N/A
August. Project Online Professional and Premium Cloud Add-on Promotion Available for Project Standard Customers Effective 1st August 2016, Cloud Add-on Promotions will be available for Project Standard customers. Add-ons enable hybrid customer scenarios through the enablement of cloud services while retaining the licensing security of their traditional on premise licenses and active Software Assurance. The Cloud Add-on Promotion for Project Standard customers will be available in EA/EAS and OV/OVS. Customers can leverage their existing on-premise Project Standard licenses as a starting point to benefit from promo pricing on Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium, through an easy Cloud Add-on purchasing model. Offer: 30% off Project Online Professional & Premium Cloud Add-on Eligibility: Project EA Standard customers under SA Program(s): EA, EAS, OV, OVS, WWGP Geography: Worldwide Promo Dates: 1st August 2016 –31st December 2016 Windows 10, EMS and ECS Name Changes It's all change! Firstly, Microsoft announce that Windows 10 Enterprise will be renamed to Windows 10 Enterprise E3, and that Windows 10 Enterprise E5 will be introduced which includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. And secondly, the Enterprise Cloud Suite will be called Secure Productive Enterprise E3/E5 containing the relevant Office 365, EM+S and Windows 10 Enterprise plans. For more information CLICK HERE ▶ Azure EMS Suite Changes Upcoming Enterprise Mobility Suite changes Securing productivity, collaboration, and enterprise data is critically important as organizations digitally transform. With security in mind, we plan to rename Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) to more accurately communicate its value. Several updates to the purchasing offers for EMS will be available, including a new expanded EMS E5 plan: • Enterprise Mobility Suite to become Enterprise Mobility + Security: This name change doesn’t impact existing EMS customers. A new, expanded plan will be generally available later in 2016 and will be known as Enterprise Mobility + Security E5. • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Premium: NEW R Server Products added to Open, Open Value, Open Value Subscription and SPLA As of the 1st July 2016 Microsoft program availability for R Server products move into the Open (OLP), Open Value (OV) and Open Value Subscription (OVS) programs: BACK TO CONTENTS • R Server for Linux A22:B26 under the Per Core (licensing model) • R Serv...