Assertion Sample Clauses

Assertion. 6.1.1 If a Party learns of any actual, alleged or threatened infringement by a Third Party of any of the Patent Rights, such Party shall promptly notify the other Party (subject to any contractual obligations of confidentiality the knowing Party may owe to such Third Party) and shall [***] of [***].
Assertion. The assertion by Councils in a court of competent jurisdiction that the provisions of Section 15.2 are void, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable.
Assertion. In herbaceous plants, stomata on the stems aid in the respiratory process Reason - In herbaceous plants stems are hard & woody.
Assertion. Saprophytes acts as decomposers. REASON- they feed by the process of absorptive nutrition.
Assertion is false, but the Reason is true.
Assertion. In Eiffel, an assertion is a property of some of the values of program entities. In the context of the Contract Prover, its definition is left open to further refinements to define what the underlying theory permits and how this will be incorporated with the Path Properties. The actual model just states that an assertion is a text that is editable, which is sufficient for working with it.
Assertion fungi are heterotrophic REASON - They have chlorophyll
Assertion. Absent a proper and timely objection, the person so selected shall act as Independent Counsel. If such written objection is so made and substantiated, the Independent Counsel so selected may not serve as Independent Counsel unless and until such objection is withdrawn or a court has determined that such objection is without merit. If, within 20 days after the later of (i) submission by Indemnitee of a written request for indemnification pursuant to Section 10(a) hereof and (ii) the final disposition of the Proceeding, the parties have not agreed upon an Independent Counsel, either the Company or Indemnitee may petition the Delaware Court of Chancery for resolution of any objection which shall have been made by the Company or Indemnitee to the other’s selection of Independent Counsel and for the appointment as Independent Counsel of a person selected by the court or by such other person as the court shall designate, and the person with respect to whom all objections are so resolved or the person so appointed shall act as Independent Counsel under Section 10(b) hereof. Upon the due commencement of any judicial proceeding pursuant to Section 12(a) of this Agreement, the Independent Counsel shall be discharged and relieved of any further responsibility in such capacity (subject to the applicable standards of professional conduct then prevailing).
Assertion. Energy is used during the process of respiration. Reason: Respiration stores energy in the form of ATP.