ARTICLE 9 Sample Clauses

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ARTICLE 9. CLAIMS Claims covered under this Agreement include only death claims, which are those due to the death of the insured on a policy or rider reinsured under this Agreement, and any additional benefits specified in Exhibit B − Plans Covered and Binding Limits, which are provided by the underlying policy and are reinsured under this Agreement. 9.1Notice The Ceding Company will advise the Reinsurer, as soon as reasonably possible, after it receives a notice of a claim on a policy reinsured under this Agreement. Upon receiving a notice of claim, Ceding Company shall provide the Reinsurer with a Notice of Reinsurance Claim. The Notice of Reinsurance Claim will include the insured's name and date of birth, the policy number, the policy issue date, the Specified Amount, the risk amount reinsured with the Reinsurer, and the cause and date of death. 9.2Claim Settlement Process [*] 9.3Amount and Payment of Reinsurance Benefits As soon as the Ceding Company receives proper claim notice and proof of claim from a claimant or beneficiary, and the claim has been reviewed and settled in accordance with Article 9.2, the Ceding Company may seek reinsurance benefits by submitting Proof of Claim to the Reinsurer. Proof of Claim shall mean proof of payment by the Ceding Company, an itemized statement of benefits paid by the Ceding Company, and a copy of the insured's death certificate. Upon receipt of Proof of Claim, the Reinsurer will promptly pay the reinsurance benefits due the Ceding Company. [*] Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Reinsurer retains the right upon reasonable notice to request and receive all reasonably necessary documents in connection with any claim. Reinsurer assures Ceding Company that such requests for additional documents prior to payment of any claim will be made only occasionally and not routinely unless warranted by factors such as suspected fraud or other identifiable concerns. In any event, claims covered under this Agreement shall be paid within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of Proof of Claim or, when requested, within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of all requested documents in connection with a claim.
ARTICLE 9. Subject to compliance with this Article 9, the Company may exercise its option under this Section 9.02 notwithstanding the prior exercise of its option under Section 9.03.
ARTICLE 9. Associated Enterprises Entreprises associées