Approval Procedures Sample Clauses

Approval Procedures. Any matter requiring the consent or approval of all or any portion of the Partners shall be deemed to be approved if Partners entitled to vote thereon holding the requisite number of Units consent in writing pursuant to the terms of this Agreement to the proposed action. In lieu thereof, such a matter shall be submitted to the Partners entitled to vote thereon in the following manner:
Approval Procedures. In the event the Operating Member or a Manager believes that any Approved Operating Program and Budget, Approved Additional Program and Budget or Approved Closure Program and Budget should be revised prior to the end of the applicable Budget Period, the Operating Member or such Manager may propose one or more supplemental Programs and Budgets (each a “Supplemental Program and Budget”) to the Board to be accomplished by the end of the then-current Budget Period. Any such proposed Supplemental Program and Budget shall be subject to the procedures set forth in Section 5.7(b).
Approval Procedures. Each Party shall apply Article 9.07(1) and (2), except for Article 9.07(2)(g) and (h), to its approval procedures, replacing the references to "conformity assessment procedures" with "approval procedures".
Approval Procedures. If the employee desires the additional training within their current classification, he/she must submit a Professional Growth Plan. Advance approval of the professional growth activity must be obtained from the Superintendent’s designee before the work is begun. The employee shall submit in writing to the Superintendent’s designee sufficient information for an approval decision to be made. The proposal must be clearly and directly related to improvement of the employee’s job performance in their established classification. This information shall include but, not be limited to:
Approval Procedures. 11.7.1 All application forms for Professional Growth shall be submitted for prior approval using the following sequence:
Approval Procedures. A notice filed with the appropriate Reserve Bank under paragraph (a) of this section will be deemed approved on the fifteenth day after receipt of a complete notice by the appropriate Reserve Bank, un- less prior to that date the Board or the appropriate Reserve Bank notifies the bank that the notice is approved, that the notice will require additional re- view, or that the bank does not meet the requirements of this subpart. Any notification of early approval of a no- xxxx must be in writing.
Approval Procedures. UCB PHARMA shall furnish to the OXO Trademarks Licensor for review and approval by the OXO Trademarks Licensor a reasonable number of pre-Development samples of any labels, tags, containers, packaging or wrappings to use with Product in Development and bearing any of the OXO Trademarks. Each Party shall appoint an OXO Trademarks Sublicense Contact Person. All requests for approval should be sent by the Dermira OXO Trademarks Sublicense Contact Person to the UCB OXO Trademarks Sublicense Contact Person. UCB PHARMA shall use commercially reasonable efforts to submit the request to the OXO Trademarks Licensor and inform Dermira whether the OXO Trademarks Licensor approved, objected or failed to reply to the submission. UCB PHARMA will provide Dermira with a written explanation of the reasons for OXO Trademarks Licensor objection when applicable. Any information or language mandated by the Regulatory Authority competent within the Territory shall be deemed automatically authorized for use within the Territory; however, the placement or the location of such mandated material or language requires OXO Trademarks Licensor approval unless the placement or the location of such material or language is also mandated by a Regulatory Authority.
Approval Procedures. 39 20. ARBITRATION.........................................................40
Approval Procedures. The approval of GUESS or the exercise of its discretion as to any request or proposal made by LICENSEE under any section of this Agreement shall be at the absolute and sole subjective discretion of GUESS. All packaging, designs and artwork, advertising image and artwork, collateral materials design and artwork, gift-with-purchase designs and artwork and press releases related to the Product and/or the GUESS brand must be submitted to GUESS for written approval prior to manufacture, distribution or sale. Such submittals must be accompanied by a LICENSED PRODUCT APPROVAL FORM. Upon receipt of these submittals, GUESS shall have ten (10) business days to review and provide written approval or disapproval (with direction for correcting any element(s) disapproved). If LICENSEE does not receive either a written approval or disapproval with direction for correction from GUESS within ten (10) business days from receipt, the item(s) shall be deemed APPROVED by GUESS. In each such instance where GUESS fails to respond to LICENSEE, LICENSEE shall send a notice to GUESS of the approval after the ten (10) business day period. LICENSEE shall submit to GUESS the fragrance scent for review, panel testing and recommendations and GUESS and LICENSEE shall mutually agree on a final scent selection. GUESS has no obligation to approve, review or consider any item that does not strictly comply with the required submission procedures, however, GUESS shall inform LICENSEE of any procedural non-compliance. Approval by GUESS shall not be construed as a determination that the approved matter complies with all applicable regulations and laws. LICENSEE acknowledges and agrees that GUESS's approval or disapproval of any matter under this Agreement is solely for the purpose of protecting and maintaining GUESS's rights and interests in, and the quality, reputation, image and prestige of, the Products, the Trademarks and the IP Rights, and related goodwill, and that nothing in any action taken or omission made by GUESS with respect to the approval or disapproval of any matter shall be deemed to be business advice to or participation in the business activities of LICENSEE. LICENSEE acknowledges and agrees that any approval or disapproval of any matter under this Agreement is reasonable and necessary to protect and maintain the Trademarks, GUESS's rights and interest in, and the quality, reputation, image and prestige of, the Products, the Trademarks and the IP Rights, and related goodwill an...