Amendments to Servicing Agreements, Modification of Standard Provisions Sample Clauses

Amendments to Servicing Agreements, Modification of Standard Provisions. (a) Subject to the prior written consent of the Trustee pursuant to Section 3.07(b), the Master Servicer from time to time may, to the extent permitted by the applicable Servicing Agreement, make such modifications and amendments to such Servicing Agreement as the Master Servicer deems necessary or appropriate to confirm or carry out more fully the intent and purpose of such Servicing Agreement and the duties, responsibilities and obligations to be performed by the Servicer thereunder. Such modifications may only be made if they are consistent with the REMIC Provisions, as evidenced by an Opinion of Counsel. Prior to the issuance of any modification or amendment, the Master Servicer shall deliver to the Trustee such Opinion of Counsel and an Officer's Certificate setting forth (i) the provision that is to be modified or amended, (ii) the modification or amendment that the Master Servicer desires to issue and (iii) the reason or reasons for such proposed amendment or modification.

Related to Amendments to Servicing Agreements, Modification of Standard Provisions

  • Amendments to the Base Indenture (a) The Holders shall not have the benefit of Article 5 of the Base Indenture and, with respect to the Securities, this Article 6 supersedes Article 5 of the Base Indenture in its entirety.

  • Restriction of Amendments to Certain Documents Not amend or otherwise modify, or waive any rights under any Related Agreement if, in any case, such amendment, modification or waiver could reasonably be expected to be materially adverse to the interests of the Lenders.

  • Amendments to Forbearance Agreement The Forbearance Agreement is hereby amended as follows:

  • Amendments to Agreement This Agreement, or any term thereof, may be changed or waived only by written amendment signed by the party against whom enforcement of such change or waiver is sought. For special cases, the parties hereto may amend such procedures set forth herein as may be appropriate or practical under the circumstances, and Ultimus may conclusively assume that any special procedure which has been approved by the Trust does not conflict with or violate any requirements of its Declaration of Trust or then current prospectuses, or any rule, regulation or requirement of any regulatory body.

  • Amendments to Financing Agreement Subject to satisfaction of the conditions precedent set forth in Section 3 below, the Financing Agreement is hereby amended as follows:

  • Incorporation of Prior Agreements; Modifications This Lease is the only agreement between the parties pertaining to the lease of the Property and no other agreements are effective. All amendments to this Lease shall be in writing and signed by all parties. Any other attempted amendment shall be void.

  • Enforcement of Due-on-Sale Clauses; Assumption and Modification Agreements; Certain Assignments (a) When any Mortgaged Property is conveyed by the Mortgagor, the Master Servicer or Subservicer, to the extent it has knowledge of such conveyance, shall enforce any due-on-sale clause contained in any Mortgage Note or Mortgage, to the extent permitted under applicable law and governmental regulations, but only to the extent that such enforcement will not adversely affect or jeopardize coverage under any Required Insurance Policy. Notwithstanding the foregoing:

  • Modification of Schedules The Parties shall, upon written request by a Party, hold consultations to consider any modification or withdrawal of a specific commitment in the requesting Party’s Schedule of specific commitments. The consultations shall be held within three months after the requesting Party made its request. In the consultations, the Parties shall aim to ensure that a general level of mutually advantageous commitments no less favourable to trade than that provided for in the Schedule of specific commitments prior to such consultations is maintained. Modifications of Schedules are subject to the procedures set out in Articles 7.1 and 9.6

  • Modification of Agreement The Warrant Agent and the Company may by supplemental agreement make any changes or corrections in this Agreement (i) that they shall deem appropriate to cure any ambiguity or to correct any defective or inconsistent provision or manifest mistake or error herein contained; or (ii) that they may deem necessary or desirable and which shall not adversely affect the interests of the holders of Warrant Certificates; provided, however, that this Agreement shall not otherwise be modified, supplemented, or altered in any respect except with the consent in writing of the Registered Holders of Warrant Certificates representing not less than 50% of the Warrants then outstanding; and provided, further, that no change in the number or nature of the securities purchasable upon the exercise of any Warrant, or the Purchase Price therefor, or the acceleration of the Warrant Expiration Date, shall be made without the consent in writing of the Registered Holder of the Warrant Certificate representing such Warrant, other than such changes as are specifically prescribed by this Agreement as originally executed or are made in compliance with applicable law.

  • Amendments to Certain Documents Not, and not permit any Subsidiary to, make or agree to any amendment to or modification of, or waive any of its rights under, any of the terms of any agreement or instrument governing any Subordinated Debt which would (a) have the effect of (i) providing for earlier payment in respect of principal or redemptions or otherwise, (ii) requiring collateral or guarantees to secure any Subordinated Debt or (iii) increasing the interest rate payable with respect to any Subordinated Debt or (b) otherwise adversely affect the interest of the Lenders in any material respect.