Amendment of Drag Along Agreement Sample Clauses

Amendment of Drag Along Agreement 
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  • Amendment to Agreement The Agreement is hereby amended as follows:

  • Amendment to Purchase Agreement The Purchase Agreement is hereby amended as follows:

  • AMENDMENT AGREEMENT The Global Custody Agreement of January 3, 1994, (the “Custody Agreement”), as amended from time to time, by and between each of the Entities listed in Schedule A, as amended thereto, severally and not jointly (each such entity referred to hereinafter as the “Customer”) and JPMorgan Chase Bank, whose contracts have been assumed by JPMORGAN CHASE BANK (the “Bank”) is hereby further amended, as of February 10, 2010 (the “Amendment Agreement”). Terms defined in the Custody Agreement are used herein as therein defined.

  • Amending Agreement The Trustees are directed to amend the Trust Agreement or the Pension Plan to be consistent with the provisions of this Agreement. The Trustees shall have discretion in acting on claims for benefits under the plan subject to review only in accordance with the arbitrary and capricious standard.

  • Amendment to Rights Agreement The Rights Agreement is hereby amended as follows:

  • One Agreement This Agreement and any related security or other agreements required by this Agreement, collectively:

  • Governing Agreement The Assigned Transaction and the Confirmation shall form a part of, and be subject to, the ISDA Master Agreement dated as of September 29, 2006, as amended or supplemented from time to time (the "New Master Agreement"), between Assignee and Remaining Party. The Confirmation shall form a part of, and be subject to, the New Master Agreement.

  • Agreement Amendment If either party hereto requests to amend this agreement, it shall notify the other party in writing, and the other party shall respond within one week. All amendments of this agreement must be made in writing by both parties, and such amendments shall be deemed as inseverable parts of this agreement.

  • Side Letter The letter from the Borrower to the Agent dated July 17, 2000 that was executed in connection with the Second Amendment shall remain in full force and effect and shall be a Loan Document.

  • Amendment; Waiver No provision of this Agreement may be amended or waived except by an instrument in writing signed by the parties hereto.

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