Allowed Sample Clauses

Allowed. Contractor may assign its fulfillment rights and obligations of this Agreement to one or more Reseller(s).
Allowed. 60. Due to public health and safety issues, no dogs will be allowed on the Field Day site, with the exception of those dogs involved in Yard Dog Championships. Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs.
Allowed. (1) This image may be printed by the Buyer for private, non-commercial use.
Allowed. (ii) The Opponents builder developers are directed to execute deed of conveyance, to transfer right, title and interest in the building and land to the Complainant Society within society members or the society to search for the original land owners who executed power of attorney to the appellant. The society and its members have contract with the appellant only, therefore, appellan consumer complaint directing the Registrar of the State Commission to execute the conveyance for and on behalf of the opponents in favour of the complainant society.
Allowed. The term "Allowed" shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in the NewPower Plan.
Allowed. Under the copying agreement between Copibec and the Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MEESR), teaching personnel in preschool, elementary and high school institutions, including adult education centres and professional training centres, are allowed to legally copy excerpts from copyright protected works. The agreement ensures that authors and publishers receive royalties (licence fees) for the use of their works. Excerpts can be copied from works in the Copibec repertoire (catalogue) in print or digital format. Under certain conditions, you also have permission to display entire works in class. The agreement covers books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, guides, exercise books, etc. published in Quebec and the rest of Canada as well as nearly 30 other countries. Copying excerpts from works For works developed specifically for preschool, elementary or high school education purposes (teachers’ guides, students’ textbooks, exercise books, grammar guides and atlases designed specifically for programs of instruction), the copying limit is: 10% of the work or 25 pages, whichever is less These works are specially identified in the Copibec repertoire. For all other types of works, the copying limit is: 15% of the work Provided you stay within the limits, you can photocopy or scan an excerpt in order to display it on a smartboard (with the option of saving it for the next class after using smartboard tools to work on it with students), make it available to students on a secure network or email it to students by using a school or school board email address. However, if the excerpt is commercially available in digital format, that version must be purchased. Digital format excerpts must be accompanied by a clearly visible notice that prohibits students from printing out more than one copy or transmitting the excerpt to anyone else except in the context of communications with the teacher or other students for team projects or participatory work. IMPORTANT! The agreement does not allow you to make copies to produce coursepacks or exercise books. This applies to both print and digital format copies. Displaying entire works in class WORKS NOT AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT Under the agreement, you can also make one copy of an entire work in order to display it on a smartboard if the work is not commercially available in digital format. You are also allowed to use a document camera to project a work. In both these cases, a few copi...
Allowed. The Federal awarding agency may, at its option, restrict the transfer of funds among direct cost categories or programs, functions and activities for Federal awards in which the Federal share of the project exceeds the Simplified Acquisition Threshold and the cumulative amount of such transfers exceeds or is expected to exceed 10 percent of the total budget as last approved by the Federal awarding agency. The Federal awarding agency cannot permit a transfer that would cause any Federal appropriation to be used for purposes other than those consistent with the appropriation. See § 200.308(e) All other changes to non-construction budgets, except for the changes described in paragraph (c) of § 200.308, do not require prior approval. SEE-2 CFR 200 Subpart F Non-Federal Audits Recipients and sub-recipients that are institutions of higher education or other non-profit organizations (including hospitals) shall be subject to the audit requirements contained in the Single Audit Act Amendments of 1996 (31 U.S.C. 7501-7507) and 2 CFR 200 Subpart F “Audit Requirements.”
Allowed. The Company may use Student Information for adaptive learning or customized student learning purposes. The Company may market an educational application or product to a parent or legal guardian of a student if the Company did not use the Student Information shared or collected on behalf of WSD to market the educational application or product. The Company may use a recommendation engine to recommend to a student content or services that relates to learning or employment, within the Company’s internal application, if the recommendation is not motivated by payment or other consideration from another party. The Company may respond to a student request for information or feedback if the content of the response is not motivated by payment or other consideration from another party. The Company may use Student Information to allow or improve operability and functionality of the Company’s internal application. The Company may identify for a student nonprofit institutions of higher education or scholarship providers that are seeking students who meet specific criteria, but only if the Company obtains written consent of the parent or legal guardian or a student who is age of 18 or older or an emancipated minor.
Allowed. If smoking is permitted in certain areas of the property, check the "Allowed" box and document the areas of the property where smoking will be permitted for the duration of the short-term rental. XIV. Contact person Select item 35 or item 36 (35) Room manager. If a short-term rental property manager is available and on-site for the duration of that rental, then the Ongoing check box in Article XIV. This requires the property manager or agent's full name, phone number and email address. (36) There is no administrator on site. If the short-term rental does not have a property manager, check the "Out of Service" box. It is important to include the landlord's name, phone number and email address on these documents. This will be the contact details to be used when the tenant needs to request maintenance, repair or report an emergency. XV Sublease Select item 37 or item 38 (37) Right to sublease. Some arrangements allow the tenant to sublet short-term leases for the duration of this document. If so, you must check the box "Has" and check one of the options contained in this application, because the subject of approval by the landlord must be processed by checking one of the options in the check box in this application.If the landlord allows the short -term tenant to summon the premises, provided that it has previously agreed, the first alternative option must be chosen. If the tenant does not require approval from the owner before subletting, select the second sub -rental option.
Allowed. Unless otherwise noted herein, overtime wages will be paid as follows: