All Returns Sample Clauses

All Returns. Any returns by I-Dealer that do not comply with this Section will be refused by Company at Company’s shipping docks and returned to the I-Dealer at I-Dealer’s expense. In no case will credit be given to I-Dealer for the following:
All Returns. In order to return any products to ASTI for any reason, buyer must first obtain a RMA number by returning the RMA Request Form ( Buyer may also obtain a RMA Request Form via fax by contacting ASTI. No returns will be accepted without a RMA number and without ASTI-approved packaging, and freight and insurance prepaid, and the items will be refused and returned to buyer freight collect. Once a RMA number is obtained, the items must be returned to ASTI within 30 days, with the RMA number clearly marked on the shipping label or outside carton. All items will be inspected and tested upon receipt. Any discrepancy, missing parts or altered products will be returned to the buyer freight collect without credit. All freight, customs, tariffs, etc. for shipments outside the continental USA shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer.
All Returns. Any returns by Distributor that do not comply with this Returned Goods Policy will be refused by Company at Company’s shipping docks and returned to tile Distributor at Distributor’s expense. In no case will credit be given to Distributor for the following:

Related to All Returns

  • Returns Provided no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, if any Account Debtor returns any Inventory to Borrower, Borrower shall promptly (i) determine the reason for such return, (ii) issue a credit memorandum to the Account Debtor in the appropriate amount, and (iii) provide a copy of such credit memorandum to Bank, upon request from Bank. In the event any attempted return occurs after the occurrence and during the continuance of any Event of Default, Borrower shall hold the returned Inventory in trust for Bank, and immediately notify Bank of the return of the Inventory.

  • Tax Returns Each Borrower and Guarantor has filed, or caused to be filed, in a timely manner all tax returns, reports and declarations which are required to be filed by it. All information in such tax returns, reports and declarations is complete and accurate in all material respects. Each Borrower and Guarantor has paid or caused to be paid all taxes due and payable or claimed due and payable in any assessment received by it, except taxes the validity of which are being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings diligently pursued and available to such Borrower or Guarantor and with respect to which adequate reserves have been set aside on its books. Adequate provision has been made for the payment of all accrued and unpaid Federal, State, county, local, foreign and other taxes whether or not yet due and payable and whether or not disputed.

  • Company Tax Returns The Company shall file all tax returns, if any, required to be filed by the Company.

  • Tax Returns; Taxes (a) American has duly filed (i) all required federal and state tax returns and reports, and (ii) all required returns and reports of other governmental units having jurisdiction with respect to taxes imposed upon its income, properties, revenues, franchises, operations or other assets or taxes imposed which might create a material lien or encumbrance on any of such assets or affect materially and adversely its business or operations. Such returns or reports are, and when filed will be, true, complete and correct, and American has paid, to the extent such taxes or other governmental charges have become due, all taxes and other governmental charges set forth in such returns or reports. All federal, state and local taxes and other governmental charges paid or payable by American have been paid, or have been accrued or reserved on its books in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a basis consistent with prior periods. Adequate reserves for the payment of taxes have been established on the books of American for all periods through the date hereof, whether or not due and payable and whether or not disputed. Until the Closing Date, American shall continue to provide adequate reserves for the payment of expected tax liabilities in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a basis consistent with prior periods. American has not received any notice of a tax deficiency or assessment of additional taxes of any kind and there is no threatened claim against American, or any basis for any such claim, for payment of any additional federal, state, local or foreign taxes for any period prior to the date of this Agreement in excess of the accruals or reserves with respect to any such claim shown in the 2000 American Financial Statements (described in Section 4.2.6 below) or disclosed in the notes with respect thereto. There are no waivers or agreements by American for the extension of time for the assessment of any taxes. The federal income tax returns of American have not been examined by the Internal Revenue Service for any period since December 31, 1995.

  • Tax Information Returns and Reports The Service Provider shall prepare and file, and require to be prepared and filed by any brokers or banks as to their Customers, with the appropriate governmental agencies, such information, returns and reports as are required to be so filed for reporting: (i) dividends and other distributions made; (ii) amounts withheld on dividends and other distributions and payments under applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations; and (iii) gross proceeds of sales transactions as required.

  • Information Returns It is understood that the Transfer Agent shall file such appropriate information returns concerning the payment of dividends, return of capital, and capital gain distributions with the proper federal, state, and local authorities as are required by law to be filed and shall be responsible for the withholding of taxes, if any, due on such dividends or distributions to Shareholders when required to withhold taxes under applicable law. Exhibit 1 to Schedule B SUMMARY OF SERVICES The services to be performed by the Transfer Agent shall be as follows:

  • Product Returns Client will have the responsibility for handling customer returns of the Products. Patheon will give Client any assistance that Client may reasonably require to handle the returns.

  • Inventory; Returns Borrower shall keep all Inventory in good and marketable condition, free from all material defects. Returns and allowances, if any, as between Borrower and its account debtors shall be on the same basis and in accordance with the usual customary practices of Borrower, as they exist at the time of the execution and delivery of this Agreement. Borrower shall promptly notify Bank of all returns and recoveries and of all disputes and claims, where the return, recovery, dispute or claim involves more than Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000).

  • Separate Returns In the case of any Tax Contest with respect to any Separate Return, the Company having liability for the Tax pursuant to Section 2 hereof shall have exclusive control over the Tax Contest, including exclusive authority with respect to any settlement of such Tax liability, subject to Sections 9.02(c) and (d) below.

  • Income Tax Returns and Reports The Trustee shall, to the extent necessary and as advised by counsel, prepare and file, or cause to be prepared and filed, on behalf of the Trust appropriate United States and Canadian income tax returns and any other returns or reports as may be required by applicable Law or pursuant to the rules and regulations of any securities exchange or other trading system through which the Exchangeable Shares are traded. In connection therewith, the Trustee may obtain the advice and assistance of such experts or advisors as the Trustee considers necessary or advisable. US Gold shall retain qualified experts or advisors for the purpose of providing such tax advice or assistance.