Agreement and Player Registration Sample Clauses

Agreement and Player Registration. 1. A Player needs to read the “Lotto Lake Agreementsign, date (page 2 of 3) and fill out the attached registration (page 3 of 3).

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Voter Registration When designated by the Secretary of State, the Contractor agrees to become a voter registration agency as defined by 17 V.S.A. §2103 (41), and to comply with the requirements of state and federal law pertaining to such agencies.
Filing and Effectiveness of Registration Statement; Certain Defined Terms The Company has filed with the Commission a registration statement on Form S-3 (No. 333-159372), including a related prospectus or prospectuses, covering the registration of the Shares under the Act, which has become effective. “Registration Statement” at any particular time means such registration statement in the form then filed with the Commission, including any amendment thereto, any document incorporated by reference therein and all 430B Information and all 430C Information with respect to such registration statement, that in any case has not been superseded or modified. “Registration Statement” without reference to a time means the Registration Statement as of the Effective Time. For purposes of this definition, 430B Information shall be considered to be included in the Registration Statement as of the time specified in Rule 430B. For purposes of this Agreement:
Contents of Registration Statement As of each Effective Time, the Registration Statement complied in all material respects with the requirements of the Securities Act and the Rules and Regulations and did not contain an untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary in order to make the statements therein not misleading, provided that the Company makes no representation or warranty in this subsection (d) with respect to statements in or omissions from the Registration Statement in reliance upon, and in conformity with, written information furnished to the Company by or on behalf of the Underwriters or their representatives specifically for inclusion therein, which information the parties hereto agree is limited to the Underwriters’ Information (as defined in Section 8(b) hereof).
Filing and Effectiveness of Registration Statement The Company has prepared and filed with the Commission the Registration Statement (file number 333-[●]) on Form S-1, including the related Preliminary Prospectus, for registration under the Act of the offering and sale of the Offered Securities. Such Registration Statement, including any amendments thereto filed prior to the Execution Time, has become effective. The Company has filed one or more amendments thereto, including the related Preliminary Prospectus, each of which has previously been furnished to the Representative. The Company will file with the Commission the Prospectus in accordance with Rule 424(b). As filed, such Prospectus shall contain all information required by the Act and, except to the extent the Representative shall agree in writing to a modification, shall be in all substantive respects in the form furnished to the Representative prior to the Execution Time or, to the extent not completed at the Execution Time, shall contain only such specific additional information and other changes (beyond that contained in the latest Preliminary Prospectus) as the Company has advised the Representative, prior to the Execution Time, will be included or made therein. The Company has complied to the Commission’s satisfaction with all requests of the Commission for additional or supplemental information.
Further Registration Statements Except for a registration statement filed on behalf of the Investor pursuant to Section 2 or Section 3 of this Agreement, and except for an underwritten public offering, the Company will not file any registration statements or amend (in such a manner as to increase the number of shares registered) any already filed registration statement with the Commission or with state regulatory authorities without the consent of the Investor until the expiration of the "Exclusion Period," which shall be defined as the sooner of (i) the date that the Registration Statement shall have been current and available for use in connection with the resale of the Registrable Securities for a period of 180 days, or (ii) until all the Shares have been resold or transferred by the Subscribers pursuant to the Registration Statement or are eligible for immediate unrestricted resale pursuant to Rule 144, without volume limitations.
Copies of Registration Statement The Company will furnish the Dealer Manager with one signed copy of the Registration Statement, including its exhibits, and such additional copies of the Registration Statement, without exhibits, and the Prospectus and all amendments and supplements thereto, which are finally approved by the Commission, as the Dealer Manager may reasonably request for sale of the Shares.
Other Registrations If the Company has previously filed a registration statement with respect to Registrable Securities pursuant to Section 1 or pursuant to this Section 2, and if such previous registration has not been withdrawn or abandoned, the Company shall not file or cause to be effected any other registration of any of its equity securities or securities convertible or exchangeable into or exercisable for its equity securities under the Securities Act (except on Form S-8 or any successor form), whether on its own behalf or at the request of any holder or holders of such securities, until a period of at least 180 days has elapsed from the effective date of such previous registration.
Effectiveness of Registration Statement, etc Each of the Registration Statement and any post-effective amendment thereto has been declared effective by the Commission under the 1933 Act. Each preliminary prospectus (to the extent not included in the Registration Statement or any post-effective amendment thereto at the time of the related effectiveness), each Issuer Free Writing Prospectus and the Prospectus (which contains the Rule 430A Information) have been filed with the Commission pursuant to Rule 424 (without reliance, in the case of the Prospectus, on Rule 424(b)(8)) and Rule 433, as applicable, within the time period prescribed by, and in compliance with, the 1933 Act Regulations or, in the case of the Prospectus, a post-effective amendment to the Registration Statement that includes the Rule 430A Information has been filed with, and declared effective by, the Commission in accordance with the requirements of Rule 430A. No stop order suspending the effectiveness of the Registration Statement or any post-effective amendment thereto has been issued under the 1933 Act, no order preventing or suspending the use of any preliminary prospectus or the Prospectus or any amendment or supplement thereto has been issued and no proceedings for any of those purposes have been instituted or are pending or, to the Company’s knowledge, contemplated. The Company has complied with each request (if any) from the Commission for additional information.
Request for Registration Subject to the provisions of subsection 2.1.4 and Section 2.4 hereof, at any time and from time to time on or after the date the Company consummates the Business Combination, the Holders of at least a majority in interest of the then-outstanding number of Registrable Securities (the “Demanding Holders”) may make a written demand for Registration of all or part of their Registrable Securities, which written demand shall describe the amount and type of securities to be included in such Registration and the intended method(s) of distribution thereof (such written demand a “Demand Registration”). The Company shall, within ten (10) days of the Company’s receipt of the Demand Registration, notify, in writing, all other Holders of Registrable Securities of such demand, and each Holder of Registrable Securities who thereafter wishes to include all or a portion of such Holder’s Registrable Securities in a Registration pursuant to a Demand Registration (each such Holder that includes all or a portion of such Holder’s Registrable Securities in such Registration, a “Requesting Holder”) shall so notify the Company, in writing, within five (5) days after the receipt by the Holder of the notice from the Company. Upon receipt by the Company of any such written notification from a Requesting Holder(s) to the Company, such Requesting Holder(s) shall be entitled to have their Registrable Securities included in a Registration pursuant to a Demand Registration and the Company shall effect, as soon thereafter as practicable, but not more than forty five (45) days immediately after the Company’s receipt of the Demand Registration, the Registration of all Registrable Securities requested by the Demanding Holders and Requesting Holders pursuant to such Demand Registration. Under no circumstances shall the Company be obligated to effect more than an aggregate of three (3) Registrations pursuant to a Demand Registration under this subsection 2.1.1 with respect to any or all Registrable Securities; provided, however, that a Registration shall not be counted for such purposes unless a Form S-1 or any similar long-form registration statement that may be available at such time (“Form S-1”) has become effective and all of the Registrable Securities requested by the Requesting Holders to be registered on behalf of the Requesting Holders in such Form S-1 Registration have been sold, in accordance with Section 3.1 of this Agreement.
Existing Registration Statements Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary and subject to applicable law and regulation, the Company may satisfy any obligation hereunder to file a Registration Statement or to have a Registration Statement become effective by a specified date by designating, by notice to the Holders, a Registration Statement that previously has been filed with the SEC or become effective, as the case may be, as the relevant Registration Statement for purposes of satisfying such obligation, and all references to any such obligation shall be construed accordingly; provided that such previously filed Registration Statement may be, and is, amended or, subject to applicable securities laws, supplemented to add the number of Registrable Securities, and, to the extent necessary, to identify as selling stockholders those Holders demanding the filing of a Registration Statement pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. To the extent this Agreement refers to the filing or effectiveness of other Registration Statements, by or at a specified time and the Company has, in lieu of then filing such Registration Statements or having such Registration Statements become effective, designated a previously filed or effective Registration Statement as the relevant Registration Statement for such purposes, in accordance with the preceding sentence, such references shall be construed to refer to such designated Registration Statement, as amended or supplemented in the manner contemplated by the immediately preceding sentence.