Activities of the Custodian With Respect to Property Held in the United States Sample Clauses

Activities of the Custodian With Respect to Property Held in the United States 

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  • Duties of Custodian with Respect to the Books of Account and Calculation of Net Asset Value and Net Income The Custodian shall cooperate with and supply necessary information to the entity or entities appointed by the applicable Board to keep the books of account of each Portfolio and/or compute the net asset value per Share of the outstanding Shares or, if directed in writing to do so by a Fund on behalf of a Portfolio, shall itself keep such books of account and/or compute such net asset value per Share. If so directed, the Custodian shall also calculate daily the net income of the Portfolio as described in the Prospectus and shall advise the Fund and the Transfer Agent daily of the total amounts of such net income and, if instructed in writing by an officer of the Fund to do so, shall advise the Transfer Agent periodically of the division of such net income among its various components. Each Fund acknowledges and agrees that, with respect to investments maintained with the Underlying Transfer Agent, the Underlying Transfer Agent is the sole source of information on the number of shares of a fund held by it on behalf of a Portfolio and that the Custodian has the right to rely on holdings information furnished by the Underlying Transfer Agent to the Custodian in performing its duties under this Agreement, including without limitation, the duties set forth in this Section 10 and in Section 11 hereof; provided, however, that the Custodian shall be obligated to reconcile information as to purchases and sales of Underlying Shares contained in trade instructions and confirmations received by the Custodian and to report promptly any discrepancies to the Underlying Transfer Agent. The calculations of the net asset value per Share and the daily income of each Portfolio shall be made at the time or times described from time to time in the Prospectus. Each Fund acknowledges that, in keeping the books of account of the Portfolio and/or making the calculations described herein with respect to Portfolio property released and delivered pursuant to Section 2.2(14), or purchased pursuant to Section 2.6(7) hereof, the Custodian is authorized and instructed to rely upon information provided to it by the Fund, the Fund’s counterparty(ies), or the agents of either of them.

  • Liability for Acts and Omissions of Foreign Subcustodians The Custodian shall be liable to a Fund for any loss or damage to such Fund caused by or resulting from the acts or omissions of any Foreign Subcustodian to the extent that, under the terms set forth in the subcustodian agreement between the Custodian or a Domestic Subcustodian and such Foreign Subcustodian, the Foreign Subcustodian has failed to perform in accordance with the standard of conduct imposed under such subcustodian agreement and the Custodian or Domestic Subcustodian recovers from the Foreign Subcustodian under the applicable subcustodian agreement.

  • Liability of the Custodian for Actions of Others (a) Domestic Subcustodians ---------------------- The Custodian shall be liable for the acts or omissions of any Domestic Subcustodian to the same extent as if such actions or omissions were performed by the Custodian itself.