Acting Sample Clauses

Acting. The employee at work with the highest placement on the promotional list shall act when his/her regular Officer is absent and he/she shall be paid the applicable Officer rate for all time worked.
Acting. The former, on behalf and in representation of the Public Corporate Entity Xxx.xx (hereafter and indistinctly, “Xxx.xx”, or the “Assignment Authority” or the “Registry”), residing in Edificio Bronce, located on Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, s/n, Madrid (28020), with VAT. No. Q-2891006-E, as General Director of the Public Corporate Entity, authorised for this action by virtue of the powers delegated to him by article 14.1. k) of Royal Decree 164/2002, dated 8 February, which approved the Articles of Association of the Public Corporate Entity Xxx.xx. The latter, on behalf and in representation of (hereinafter, "the REGISTRAR"), with address at …………………….. and V.A.T. No. …………………….., acting as of the same, according to the writ authorised by the Notary of …………………….., Mr , on date …………………….., and number according to its protocol. Xxx.xx and the REGISTRAR (hereinafter, they may be referred to individually as "the Party" and jointly as "the Parties") recognise each other's legal authority to enter into and undertake contracts in the roles that they represent, respectively, and, especially, to sign this ".es" Domain Name Accredited Registrar's Contract (hereinafter, "the Contract"), and to that end, they hereby:
Acting. A Shift Engineer who is assigned to perform the role of Acting Chief Operating Engineer shall be paid a premium of fifteen percent (15%) above their normal rate. Non-voluntary assignment of Acting Chief Operating Engineer duties will only be assigned if there are no qualified volunteers. Written notification of the employee assigned to perform the role of Acting Chief Operating Engineer shall be given to the employee and the Principal Xxxxxxx. “Shift Engineers who are assigned the role of Acting Chief Operating Engineer are required to be On Call and become eligible to receive On Call premium as follows: • $15.00 per weekday (Monday to Friday) and $35.00 per weekend day (Saturday and Sunday). The rates also apply to days on which statutory holidays fall. The on call premium is to compensate employees who may be required to support critical functions and be on call on their scheduled time off.
Acting. An acting assignment means the assignment of an employee to substantially perform the duties of a position as required on a temporary basis. The employer will try to fill vacancies as quickly as possible, so that acting assignments are kept to a minimum. An employee who is acting in a position for more than three shifts in a row shall receive the salary for that position if it is higher than her current salary retroactive to the first shift. An employee acting outside the bargaining unit who is fulfilling the acting assignment is entitled to all benefits of a bargaining unit member under this agreement, including overtime pay. An employee who is acting in the position of the Executive Director is responsible for all the obligations of the employer under this agreement. If an acting assignment continues for longer than one month, the employer shall give other employees an equitable opportunity to act in the position if they wish. A roster of willing employees shall be established on a seniority basis, with each employee having the opportunity to act in the position for one month if possible. ARTICLE
Acting. An employee shall only be able to act in a position outside the Bargaining Unit with the Employer for a maximum period of eighteen (18) months. The employee must return to the Bargaining Unit for a minimum of sixty (60) days before working outside of the Bargaining Unit again. An employee acting outside of the Bargaining Unit shall retain their seniority and shall pay regular Union dues while outside of the Bargaining Unit.
Acting. For those schools that do not for an assistant principal, or for those schools who have both principal and vice-principal absent due to business and/or illness, and subject to prior approval by the superintendent, a teacher shall be appointed to act as a principal for the days necessary and that teacher so appointed shall receive of the regular principals daily allowance for each day or part day of such appointment. The minimum allowance for any appointment shall be effective and effective September however, on completion of five successive days, payment shall be based on the regular principals daily allowance. -Clinics-:, - - All teachers who attend clinics, workshops, or conferences upon divisional, zone or provincial levels, shall be reimbursed for travelling expenses with the prior approval of the Superintendent Board. The submissions are to be made in writing. The above-mentioned clinics, workshops, or conferences not be In-Service or Orientation sessions, teacher group meetings or any other sessions which be interpreted to mean In-Service or Orientation sessions. This clause is meant to refer to those clinics, workshops, or conferences which are of a special nature either where the Board requests that teachers attend, or where teachers request permission to attend. -ARTIC-LE - - - Special -Service-s Directors,
Acting. The provisions of Article shall apply.
Acting. An employee who is formally asked to perform the role of Acting Chief Operating Engineer shall receive 5% above their normal rate.
Acting. Acting who book at the operators General Booking are entitled to bid on additional work as an operator amongst all other operators on their day off. However, as an Acting the employee is not entitled to work his or her regular booked work as an operator on his or her day off. Acting shall book their annual vacations through the Senior Booking Officer and not among the regular or operating personnel. Acting must cover work shifts as they become available due to sickness, etc. Acting may turn down work provided there is an Acting available to take the work. If there is none available, the last Acting must take the work. Acting will not lose any pay if forced into an overlap of shifts which reduces his or her scheduled work time. Acting who work night fare box shifts and are obliged to report for duty prior to hours shall be excused with no loss of pay. , APPENDIX BOOKING RULES EQUIPMENT DIVISION DEPARTMENT DEFINITION The Equipment Division is composed of persons who work regularly in the following Departments:

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  • Capacity IET systems are monitored to optimize the use of resources and to control costs. Where services are hosted by external service providers (outsourced), agreements are in place to monitor capacity and performance. Availability Exclusions (Force majeure) A loss of availability from causes which are beyond the control of IET is excluded from the availability warranty. This includes but is not limited to, acts from natural events such as earthquakes, storms, natural flooding, and wild fires. Also excluded are police actions, interruptions due to protest events, labor disputes, war, pandemic, terrorism, riots, and/or inability to obtain energy. Each party must provide prompt notice of service disruptions. Services will resume as soon as possible. Either party will take all reasonable steps to remove the causes of unavailability and resume services as soon as reasonably possible. IET will provide the availability status of major services on the IET status page. The status page is located at xxxx:// Change Management Managed campus-wide systems, applications and services may be subject to the formal IET Change Management process. Changes to services may be required by system maintenance needs, corrective actions to resolve incidents, or service improvement projects. Changes may require adherence to change management policies including formal authorizations, approvals, peer reviews, risk assessments and lead times for notifying Customers and scheduling changes. IET notifies Customers about planned technology systems are changes that may have a risk of directly or indirectly impacting IET services. Responsibilities Between Parties Information and Educational Technology Information and Educational Technology shall be responsible for ensuring that reasonable skill, care and diligence are exercised in carrying out the services properly and efficiently in accordance with this service level agreement. Data and Information Transnational data and information supplied by the Customer or its clients are owned by the Customer. IET serves as custodian of these data and will take measures to house, backup and protect the data for the Customer, consistent with the services, and as appropriate. General Customer Responsibilities Customer agrees to use and pay for the services in accordance with the terms of this agreement and in compliance with any overarching UC Xxxxx policies. Customer agrees to take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with The UC Xxxxx Cyber-safety Policy and UC Xxxxx Security Standards Policy (PPM Section 310-22). Customer agrees not to engage in actions or activities that circumvent, compromise, or introduce risks to the policy, standards or the controls established to ensure cyber security compliance. Customer is responsible for costs which result from improper use of the services and which cause damage or loss to IET or its Customers.

  • Agent For purposes of this Agreement, the term “agent” of the Company means any person who: (i) is or was a director, officer, employee or other fiduciary of the Company or a subsidiary of the Company; or (ii) is or was serving at the request or for the convenience of, or representing the interests of, the Company or a subsidiary of the Company, as a director, officer, employee or other fiduciary of a foreign or domestic corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust or other enterprise.

  • INDEPENDENT CAPACITY The employees or agents of each party who are engaged in the performance of this Agreement shall continue to be employees or agents of that party and shall not be considered for any purpose to be employees or agents of the other party.

  • Representative The employee, administration or District may be represented during any step of the procedure by any person or agent designated by such party to act in his/her behalf.

  • Interested Person 2 (l) Investment Adviser.............................................. 2 (m) Series.......................................................... 2

  • Independent Contractor In the performance of its services hereunder, the Subadviser is and shall be an independent contractor and unless otherwise expressly provided herein or otherwise authorized in writing, shall have no authority to act for or represent the Fund, the Trust or the Adviser in any way or otherwise be deemed an agent of the Fund, the Trust or the Adviser.

  • Role An Education Assistant (Special Needs) supports the Department’s main objective of teaching and learning of students through assisting the teacher in delivering planned education programs and encouraging a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Employees at this level work under general supervision and guidance performing tasks that require limited discretion and judgement in achieving clearly defined outcomes determined by the teacher. Employees will be able to apply techniques, skills and knowledge of relevant principles and practices acquired through previous experience, on the job learning or relevant qualification. Under general guidance, the Education Assistant (Special Needs) can be expected to perform tasks within the following range: • under teacher direction, assists in the implementation of specialised education programs such as occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy programs • assists teacher in the delivery of planned education programs, including the operation of computers and digital technologies, and implements individual student or small group programs or demonstrations • when required, provides feedback on education and therapy programs and participates in the evaluation process relating to the achievement of goals in special education • assists the teacher or therapist to understand when there is communication difficulty between them and a student • under teacher direction, provides feedback to caregiver/parent as to student progress • collects resources and administrative documents • manages classroom resources or storeroom by maintaining and updating inventory lists, monitoring stocklevels and requirements, and submits recquisitions to the teacher for approval • ensures the safe and hygienic storage and handling of foodstuffs and food preparation utensils. In addition, it is expected that the range of duties contained within Schedule A, when required to be performed, will be achieved at a higher competency than those reached by Level 1 Education Assistants.

  • Independent Capacity of Contractor The Contractor and Contractor Parties shall act in an independent capacity and not as officers or employees of the state of Connecticut or of the Agency.

  • Roles LEA is a Controller and appoints Provider as a Processor of Student Data on behalf of LEA.

  • Act The term “Act” means the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.