Acceptance Date Sample Clauses

Acceptance Date. The date the Department accepts a Deliverable or System in accordance with Section 7 below shall be deemed the Acceptance Date for each Deliverable or System.
Acceptance Date. The above Amendment is hereby accepted, o’clock .m. on the date of
Acceptance Date. The above proposition is hereby accepted, o'clock .m. on the date of ("Acceptance Date"). This Amendment will become binding upon the parties when notice of the acceptance of this Amendment has been received by offeror. The offeror shall promptly notify offeree when acceptance has been received.
Acceptance Date. Muncie, Indiana.
Acceptance Date. The “Acceptance Date” for each Product shall be the earliest of (a) the date on which Licensee delivers written notice of acceptance, (b) the date on which Licensee begins to use the Product, other than for testing purposes, or (c) the second (2nd) business day following Crown Castle’s delivery of notice of the installation of the Product (such notice, a “Connection Notice”), unless Licensee notifies Crown Castle in writing within said two-day period of a Defect in the Product, specifying in detail the nature of such Defect. A “Defect” exists if the Product fails to perform materially in accordance with its technical specifications as set forth in the applicable Supplement (“Specifications”). Upon receipt of notice of a Defect, Crown Castle and Licensee shall work cooperatively to promptly remedy such Defect, and Crown Castle shall deliver another Connection Notice, whereupon the process described in the first sentence of this Section shall apply again. If the Acceptance Date is delayed as a result of any failure, act or omission of Licensee, Crown Castle will give Licensee written notice to cure such failure within five
Acceptance Date. The date the Client Agency accepts a Deliverable or System in accordance with this Contract.
Acceptance Date. SELLER shall have until 5:00 P.M. (EST) on the fifth (5th) business day following Buyer's Execution Date, within which to accept this Agreement. In the event SELLER fails to accept this Agreement as of that time and date, this Agreement shall be null and void and of no further effect and BUYER shall be entitled to the prompt return from Escrow Agent of the Deposit.
Acceptance Date. The Parties will use commercially reasonable efforts to cause the Acceptance Date to occur within ninety (90) days after the Effective Date.
Acceptance Date. If and when the acceptance tests establish that the Product is performing in accordance with the Acceptance Standards, Cadence shall promptly notify Vendor in writing that it accepts that Product version (the "Acceptance Date"). Within ten (10) days of the Acceptance Date Vendor shall deliver to Cadence: (i) one (1) reproducible master copy of the Product, and (ii) a camera ready hard copy of the Documentation, with a collation guide for printing and reproduction together with an electronic soft copy of the Documentation in FrameMaker, Word, PostScript format or as otherwise specified by Cadence. Vendor shall deliver the Licensed Works to Cadence on such media and format as Cadence specifies. It is the intent of the parties that Vendor shall provide Cadence a "golden master" copy of the Licensed Work from which Cadence can thenceforth replicate, without intervention or assistance from Vendor, additional copies of the Products and Documentation as necessary to exercise the grants of Section 4.
Acceptance Date. This Agreement is binding upon its acceptance by Lender. Acceptance shall occur upon payment of the Principal Balance Owed on Premiums to the insurance companies named in the Scheduled Policies of Insurance, or the agents of such companies.