Acceptance or Rejection of Bids नमुना कलम

Acceptance or Rejection of Bids. •ADO reserves the right to accept or reject any bid or all the bids and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability or any obligation to inform the affected bidder or bidders in this matter. • Any Bid with incomplete information is liable for rejection. • For each category of pre -qualification criteria, the documentary evidence is to be produced duly attested by the authorized representative of the bidder and serially numbered. If the documentary proof is not submitted for any/all criteria the Bid is liable for rejection. • If any information given by the bidder is found to be false/ fictitious, the Bidder will be debarred for 3 years from participating in any other tenders of ADO and will be black listed. 18.