Widespread definition

Widespread means damage which extends beyond a limited geographic area, crosses state boundaries, or is suffered by an entire ecosystem or species or a large number of human beings;
Widespread commonly means that a large number of people have been affected.26 As with genocide, however, there is no specific number designated to deem an attack as widespread.
Widespread or "systemic scope" means most or all of the residents are affected or have the potential to be affected, by the deficient nursing home practice.

Examples of Widespread in a sentence

  • Widespread idle capacity throughout an entire facility or among a group of assets having substantially the same function may be considered idle facilities.

  • Widespread idle ca- pacity throughout an entire facility or among a group of assets having sub- stantially the same function may be considered idle facilities.

  • Widespread code-required septic system upgrades required at property transfers (indicative of inadequate soils, water table separation, or other physical constraints of the area rather that poor owner maintenance).

  • WTO Report on G20 Shows Moves to Facilitate Imports Even as Trade Restrictions Remain Widespread, World Trade Organization, June 29, 2020.

  • Widespread testing for COVID-19 is not yet available but is expected to increase in the coming days.

More Definitions of Widespread

Widespread means that during the incident it has been proven that massive, frequent, large scale killing takes place, committed collectively with a serious result, namely, a large number of dead victims;
Widespread means a type of damage which extends beyond a limited geographic area, is cross-border in nature, or is suffered by an entire ecosystem or species, or a large number of human beings;
Widespread means the attack is massive in nature and directed against a large number of persons. It excludes isolated offences.
Widespread encompassing an area on the scale of several hundred square kilometres;
Widespread means dedicated material/brochures or frequent mentions in a majority of marketing materials.
Widespread generally means a large-scale attack with numerous victims, while ““systematic”” denotes a ““high degree of organization”” or ““a pattern or methodical plan””. This requirement applies to the general attack. ““Crimes in Burma””, The International Human Rights Clinic, Harvard Law School, 2009
Widespread means the violations affect a lot of disabled people and/or appear to be part of a deliberate policy. The Committee would need reliable evidence about the alleged violations before deciding an inquiry is needed. Individuals or organisations can submit evidence or use the “individual communications procedure” to bring breaches of rights to the attention of the UN Committee. If you think there is evidence of severe or widespread violations of Convention rights that the UN Disability Committee should investigate you may need to: work with other disability groups and the ECNI and NIHRC to bring together detailed evidence about the rights violations, and write to the UN Disability Committee asking them to investigate. You should check if either the ECNI or the NIHRC would be willing to conduct an inquiry instead. Seek their advice about whether a UN inquiry is needed. Experience of inquiries under other Conventions shows that they can be an effective way of stopping human rights abuses and bringing about change. Where can I get more information on the Convention? The Convention text and a short guide to the Convention are available in booklets produced by the Independent Mechanism for Northern Ireland. The text is also available in plain language, Braille and audio, from these websites: xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxx xxx.xxxxx.xxx For more information on the Convention, you can visit UN Enable, the UN website dedicated to CRPD: xxxx://xxx.xx.xxx/disabilities. For useful CRPD publications, visit the website of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxx/EN/HRBodies/CRPD/Pages/ CRPDIndex.aspx,. You can also access information on disability and the Convention from the OFMdFM website: xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx/ 14 15 For further information about the work of the Independent Mechanism for Northern Ireland, please contact the ECNI or the NIHRC or e-mail: XXXXXxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx Equality Commission for Northern Ireland Equality House 0-0 Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Belfast BT2 7DP Enquiry line 02890 890 890 Textphone 00000 000 000 Fax 00000 000 000 xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Temple Court 00 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx BT1 1NA Main Offi ce 02890 243 987 Textphone 00000 000 000 SMS Text 00000 000 000 Fax 00000 000 000 xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx xxx.xxxxx.xxx