Usual definition

Usual means the most frequent charge made by an individual Provider for a given medical service to non-industrially injured patients. (3-12-07)
Usual means the usual fee or charge that is ordinarily charged for a given service by an individual or Provider to his private patient;
Usual means according to usage.

Examples of Usual in a sentence

  • Provided that in the event that the vehicle is located outside of Malta but within Europe, the Usual Place of Residence referred to above shall be taken to refer to the closest accommodation facilities but subject to the limitations and limits under paragraph 9 of this Section.

  • Turner, Trevor Chandler, & Charles Henry, Interrupting the Usual: Successful Strategies for Hiring Diverse Faculty (Report submitted to the Spencer Foundation Small Grants Program, April 30, 2001).

  • Usual teaching signalsinclude instructions [12], [13] advice [14], demonstrations[15], guidance [16], [17] and evaluative feedback [5], [17].The learning schemes could be considered as a transfer learning approach from the human expert to the robot learner.

  • Usual periods of useful lives for different types of property, plant and equipment are as follows: Software 20 – 33% Buildings and infrastructure 2 – 10% Production machinery and equipment 5 – 14.5% Office and computer equipment 14.5 – 50% Vehicles 10 – 20% Amortization of leasehold improvements is provided using the straight-line method over the term of the respective lease or the useful life of the asset, whichever period is less.

  • Usual interstitial pneumonia and non-specific interstitial pneumonia: serial thin-section CT findings correlated with pulmonary function.

More Definitions of Usual

Usual means that which past experience has shown to be normal or common or is anticipated to become normal or common, hence an expected or predictable event; that which affects more than just a few school districts or AEAs.
Usual means the amount normally charged for a service given or supplied by a provider; “Customary” means the range of usual charges by providers with similar expertise and services within the geographic area; “Reasonable” means those charges that, in the opinion of
Usual means the amount normally charged for a service given or supplied by a provider; “Customary” means
Usual or "Normal" sewage means sewage that does not exceed 270 mg/liter of 5 day BOD, and does not contain the substances prohibited in pars. 430.05 (3) and (4).
Usual. – means the usual fee which is charged for a given service by an individual Dental Practitioner in his personal practice that is his own usual fee; as to other providers, it is the usual charge made for services or supplies by the individual provider.
Usual authority means the authority ascribed to the agent by common or trade understanding by virtue of the particular office held by him.