Unoccupied definition

Unoccupied means the dwelling is not being inhabited as a residence.
Unoccupied means containing contents per- taining to the occupancy of the building while operations or other customary activities are suspended.
Unoccupied means empty or not in use for 45 or more consecutive days.

Examples of Unoccupied in a sentence

  • Category 5Application: Disposals under Section 172 of the Act A Private Registered Provider may dispose of an Unoccupied Social Housing Dwelling by way of a transfer or by way of a grant, surrender or assignment of a lease in accordance with the terms of a policy for disposals submitted by the Private Registered Provider to the Regulator and which is approved by the Regulator after the Effective Date.

  • Rotating spin and giant splitting: Unoccupied surface electronic structure of Tl/Si(111).Kikuchi electron wave-front reconstruction.

  • As can be seen, the large majority of vacant units, 95.9 percent, are not being offered for sale or rent, i.e. they are being withheld from the market even though they are empty.Table 2.9: Surveyed Unoccupied Units by Tenure and ConditionUnoccupied Units Of the vacant units being withheld from the market, one-third or 32.7 percent were either "residential units ready to be lived in” or “empty and finished".

  • A Disposals of Unoccupied Social Housing Dwellings and Tenanted Leasehold Social Housing Dwellings Category 1Application: Disposals under Section 172 of the Act and Section 133 of the Housing Act 1988 A non-profit Private Registered Provider may dispose of an Unoccupied Social Housing Dwelling (which does not comprise a Former Dwelling) by way of a transfer or by way of a grant, surrender or assignment of a lease to another non-profit Private Registered Provider.

  • They average approximately 4 units, 3 floors and a total surface area of 109 m2.Neighborhood CharacteristicsSurvey data indicate that:• The condition of residential streets in peri-urban Greater Cairo is not good, with 61 percent being un-paved and another 33 percent with poor pavement; and• Only 6 percent are paved in good condition.Characteristics of Unoccupied Units in Surveyed Buildings220 vacant units (or 3 percent of total units) were enumerated in the 2,327 building surveyed.

More Definitions of Unoccupied

Unoccupied means not lived in by Insured, Insured’s Family, Insured’s domestic employee or any other person authorized by the Insured.
Unoccupied means the dwelling is entirely furnished but with personal habitants temporar- ily absent, provided the dwelling is secured against intrusion during this period; except as otherwise provided in this policy for certain specified perils.
Unoccupied means building which is not being used for the occupancy authorized by the owner.
Unoccupied means where no one has been resident in the home for a period exceeding 30 consecutive days. We, Us, Our – means the Service Providers.
Unoccupied means untenanted, empty or not in use.
Unoccupied means a dwelling that is not inhabited on a daily basis. In such instances, the majority of the usual contents remain in the dwelling because you intend to return after frequent, short intervals.
Unoccupied means, in respect of a block of land or a portion1 of a block of land, that there is no person, whether with a beneficial interest in the land or not, who, alone or with others: