Unoccupied definition

Unoccupied means the dwelling is not being inhabited as a residence.
Unoccupied means containing contents pertaining to the occupancy of the building while operations or other customary activities are suspended.
Unoccupied means empty or not in use for 45 or more consecutive days.

Examples of Unoccupied in a sentence

  • When the airflow panel is in the Unoccupied Mode, outside air damper shall remain closed.

  • Noise generated by variable frequency motor speed control drive shall not exceed preferred “RC” as listed in 2019 ASHRAE (HVACA), Chapter 49 Noise and Vibration Control, Table 2 Criteria for Acceptable HVAC Noise in Unoccupied Rooms.

  • Unoccupied, brand-new, isolated housing estates built over the last few years now litter the Irish countryside.

  • If using rent, the maximum rent level must be no greater than the maximum rent level for each goal, adjusted for unit size as provided in § 1282.19.(3) Unoccupied units.

  • Unoccupied and UnimprovedThe land is unoccupied and has no or minimal improvements2.

More Definitions of Unoccupied

Unoccupied means not lived in by Insured, Insured’s Family, Insured’s domestic employee or any other person authorized by the Insured.
Unoccupied means untenanted, empty or not in use.
Unoccupied means, in respect of a block of land or a portion1 of a block of land, that there is no person, whether with a beneficial interest in the land or not, who, alone or with others:
Unoccupied means building which is not being used for the occupancy authorized by the owner.
Unoccupied means the dwelling is entirely furnished but with personal habitants temporarily absent, provided the dwelling is secured against intrusion during this period; except as otherwise provided in this policy for Windstorm or Hail.
Unoccupied means a dwelling that is not inhabited on a daily basis. In such instances, the majority of the usual contents remain in the dwelling because you intend to return after frequent, short intervals.
Unoccupied means any of the following: