Under Control definition

Under Control with regard to a Well, means either (1) when the Well can be re-entered for salvage, fishing, whip-stocking or cleaning operations or to resume drilling, or (2) when the Well, including a relief Well if any, can be plugged or abandoned, whichever occurs earlier. A Well shall not be considered as under control merely because of temporary cessation of flow due to a bridging over or other cause unless further control efforts are unnecessary.
Under Control means protected by security, surveillance or detection methods.
Under Control means that when a dog is not on the property where it is usually kept, the dog must be leashed or chained and must be held securely by the person accompanying the dog and that person must be physically capable to control the dog.

Examples of Under Control in a sentence

  • Kneel one leg on bench or chair, other foot flat on floor, bend forward 45 degrees from hip.2. Hold weight in opposite hand to supporting knee and keep your upper arm parallel to floor, tight to side with a 90-degree bend at the elbow.3. Raise your lower arm out behind you so that the arm with weight is straight out behind you.4. Under control lower back to starting position.

  • Under control conditions, both males and females trained on the descending version of the task displayed a strong choice preference for the riskyoption during the early part of the session, when reward probabilities were relatively high, but preference gradually shifted towards the small certain option as reward probabilities decreased over a session.

  • Under control conditions, we recorded spontaneous depolarizations and discharge from the lumbar ventral roots (n = 7) as described in an earlier report (Whelan et al.

  • Under control, shoot length was 13.23, 4.63 and 13.73 cm, and shoot weight was 6.62, 3.90 and 8.03 gplant-1 in first, second and third year, respectively.

  • Under control of the instrument, approximately 20μL of prepared sample is delivered to the tube, where a meniscus naturally forms at each end of the tube.

More Definitions of Under Control

Under Control means the animal is either under competent voice control or competent signal control, or both, so as to be restrained from approaching or injuring any bystander or other animal and from causing or being the cause of personal or physical property damage when off a leash.
Under Control means that no further resources are required.
Under Control means direct physical control of the animal. Voice control shall not be construed as physical control. An animal on the real property of another, whether restrained or not, without the permission of the person in possession of such real property, shall be construed to be not under control.
Under Control means or refer to heritage resources owned, managed, leased or used by the State Departments and Supported Bodies.
Under Control means the voice, signal or physical control by a capable person so as to be restrained from approaching a bystander, from entering private property and from causing damage to property. A dog is presumed not to be under control if injury, damage or trespass occurs.
Under Control or “Under the Control” means a dog that is in the care of a Competent Person such that the dog is not allowed to interfere with any other person or another animal;
Under Control means an animal that is On-Leash or Off-Leash certified (Off Leash certified animals must be easily and immediately recalled and within 3 meters of the owner) and must not pester, harass or molest, another human, domestic or wild animal.