Under Control definition

Under Control with regard to a Well, means either (1) when the Well can be re-entered for salvage, fishing, whip-stocking or cleaning operations or to resume drilling, or (2) when the Well, including a relief Well if any, can be plugged or abandoned, whichever occurs earlier. A Well shall not be considered as under control merely because of temporary cessation of flow due to a bridging over or other cause unless further control efforts are unnecessary.
Under Control means protected by security, surveillance or detection methods.
Under Control means that when a dog is not on the property where it is usually kept, the dog must be leashed or chained and must be held securely by the person accompanying the dog and that person must be physically capable to control the dog.

Examples of Under Control in a sentence

  • Under control conditions, circulating insulinconcentrations rose significantly above baseline starting at 15 min after initiation of the meal.

More Definitions of Under Control

Under Control means direct physical control of the animal. Voice control shall not be construed as physical control. An animal on the real property of another, whether restrained or not, without the permission of the person in possession of such real property, shall be construed to be not under control.
Under Control means or refer to heritage resources owned, managed, leased or used by the State Departments and Supported Bodies.
Under Control means that measures have been taken so that only parties that have the need and authorization can access the information relative to their needs. Additionally, who is in charge of the daily operation of the register and what governance principles are in place to assure availability, data quality and data consistency
Under Control means that the owner, by means of a fencing, leash or other means, restrains the animal to the owner’s premises or immediate proximity, preventing the animal from trespassing upon property or annoying or chasing other persons, animals, or vehicles, of any sort.
Under Control in relation to a dog, means that the owner or person appearing to be in charge of the dog is able to obtain an immediate and desired response from the dog by use of a leash, voice commands, hand signals, whistles or other effective means that results in immediate direct control of the dog. Any dog that does not immediately return to its owner when called shall be deemed not under control.
Under Control means a dog that is under the direct control of a person either through the use of a leash, voice or hand commands (when in a leash free area) or which has its movements physically limited through the use of a leash and/or muzzle.
Under Control means such circumstances where the Dog is in visible sight distance to the Owner, and responds to the Owner immediately and returns to the Owner within a reasonable time when called or signaled by the Owner, as determined by the Dog Control Officer;