Transfer Deed definition

Transfer Deed means a duly completed deed of transfer and accession in the form set out in Schedule 3 (Form of Deed of Transfer and Accession) which has been executed as a deed by a Lender and a Transferee whereby such Lender seeks to transfer to such Transferee all or a part of such Lender’s rights, benefits and obligations under this Agreement as contemplated in Clause 37 (Assignments and Transfers) and such Transferee agrees to accept such transfer and to be bound by this Agreement and to accede to the HYD Intercreditor Agreement, the Group Intercreditor Agreement and the Security Trust Agreement.
Transfer Deed means the Transfer Deed entered or to be entered into between the Owner and Purchaser in the form set out in Annex B below. In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires:
Transfer Deed means any bordereau or any form of transfer document identifying the Ongoing Purchasable Receivables and the Remaining Purchasable Receivable to be transferred, referred to in the relevant Receivables Purchase Agreement, which shall be issued by the relevant Seller or the Centralising Unit, acting in the name and on behalf of each Seller, on each Settlement Date during the Replenishment Period, in the form stipulated in the relevant Receivables Purchase Agreement.

Examples of Transfer Deed in a sentence

  • Appropriate amendment to be inserted here and in the Transfer Deed.

  • The Acquirer, Manager, or the Registrar accept no responsibility for any loss of Equity Share certificates, Offer Acceptance Forms, and Share Transfer Deed, etc., during transit and the Public Shareholders of Target Company are advised to adequately safeguard their interest in this regard.

More Definitions of Transfer Deed

Transfer Deed means the transfer deed(s) in respect of transfer and acceptance of the Facilities and the Land Plot hereunder between the Seller and the Purchaser, which shall be made and executed by the Parties in the form set out in Schedule 1 (if more than one transfer deed is made, with necessary adjustments to such form with respect to the transferred property);
Transfer Deed has the meaning set out in Clause 5.2.2;
Transfer Deed means the notarial deed of transfer to effect the transfer of the Sale Shares to the Purchaser or a Purchaser Designee, to be executed at Completion in the form attached as Schedule 3;
Transfer Deed means any deed or agreement entered into by the Body Corporate and the Transferee Trustee in relation to the transfer of members and assets of the Fund from members and assets of the Fund to the Transferee Fund required in accordance with Regulation 6.29(c) of the SIS Regulations concerning any successor fund transfer.
Transfer Deed means the Deed to be executed by an intended transferee(s) and transferor(s) of the Certificate(s) in terms of Clause 11 of this Scheme, a Performa of which shall be provided by FPM;
Transfer Deed means a form TR1 in the form of the draft at Annex 1 Trust: the Hitchin Town Hall Gymnasium and Workmans Hall Trust (registered charity number 233752) of which the Council is the sole trustee
Transfer Deed means the notarial deed of transfer to be executed before the Notary by which the Equity Interests shall be transferred to Buyer, attached hereto in the agreed form as Exhibit C.