TR definition

TR eats Points Rewards Programme” means the programme made available to a Cardmember where 1 tr’eats Point will be rewarded for every retail dollar charged to the Bank’s credit/debit card by the Cardmember.
TR means the Tranche Rate on such day;

Examples of TR in a sentence

  • The BOLD signals of each stimulus-locked voxel (N=11783, see in the fMRI Data section) were “down-sampled” from TR resolution (TR=1.5 s) to a segment resolution by averaging all TRs within each segment (Mean number of TRs per segment= 2.51, SD=1.63).We extracted segment-wise computational representations from each of our seven BERT variants (CheatBERT, ParaBERT, the original (pre-trained but not fine-tuned) BERT, and the four control models).

  • A Report by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Change Research [Karl, T.R., S.J. Hassol, C.D. Miller, and W.L. Murray (eds.)].

  • Endo H, Kondo Y, Inamori M, Ohya TR, Yanagawa T, Asayama M, et al.

  • See TRADOC Regulation (TR) 672-9 for ESB responsibilities and requirements.

  • DRAFT REPORTSLevel 4 Reports:Accounts Payable (T&R) / (Finance)Medium (GREEN) (18/6/14)The majority of key controls covered within the scope of this review were operating effectively.

More Definitions of TR

TR means True Receipt / Transport Receipt
TR is the number of units found to be non-conforming to electrical performance specifications during electrical testing that are defective for reasons other than being shorted or open (no response), and
TR means the Thomson Reuters entity identified in the SOW.
TR means trade repository.
TR means a trade repository, being a legal person that centrally collects and maintains the records of derivatives, and as defined under EMIR;
TR has the meaning given to it in Section 2 of the General Provisions.
TR has the meaning given to it in Section 11 (Confidentiality Waiver).