TPI definition

TPI means Third party inspection consultant who is designated for quality monitoring of material & workmanship during execution of this project.

Examples of TPI in a sentence

  • Most contact details are provided to us initially by a TPI prior to or during the agreement of a contract.

  • We collect meter point details through a TPI or by the Industry prior to or during the fulfilment of a contract.

  • Furthermore, the IAW and LW are normally quenched within seconds when not pumping on an electron gyroharmonic frequency due to the fully established artificial field-aligned irregularities (FAIs) excited by the TPI, which scatter the pump wave thereby preventing further excitation of the PDI [e.g., Stubbe, 1996].

  • The post-announcement TPI amount is the amount of the total participation interests held by the MIT in the second entity at the end of the most recent income year ending before it derived, received or made the relevant amount.

  • We note that SCDC have stated that the viability 40 Page 42, Ibid, October 2014 41 BCIS All-in TPI (UK), November 2014 42 Department for Business, Innovation and Skills tender price index figure, November 2014 buffer applied to the CIL charges rates allows for these levels of build costs increase, whilst still leaving a margin for viability.

More Definitions of TPI

TPI means TPI Restaurants, Inc., a Tennessee corporation.
TPI means Third party inspection consultant who is designated for quality monitoring of
TPI shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1(i)(v).
TPI means TPI of Texas, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
TPI means Xxxxx Pageants, Inc., a New York corporation.
TPI. = Tenneco Packaging Inc. (DE) "TPRSAC" = Tenneco Packaging RSA Company Inc. (DE) "TPUKL" = Tenneco Packaging (UK) Limited (UK) "Walkxx" = Walkxx Xxxited (UK) "WE" = W.E. Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH EXHIBIT D DEBT REALIGNMENT (Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein have the meanings ascribed to them in the Distribution Agreement to which this is attached.)