Toolkit definition

Toolkit means the Software known as "Nuance Developer's Toolkit."
Toolkit refers to the folder in the authenticated FastTrack experience containing the Icons that users download after accepting this License.

Examples of Toolkit in a sentence

  • The Toolkit provides advice on statutory equality duties for public authorities with a remit in Northern Ireland.

  • The Contractors are requested to refer to the E-Tendering Toolkit for Bidders available online on the Home Page to understand the process of setting up the System, or alternatively, contact the Helpdesk Support Team on information / guidance on the process of setting up the System.

  • Confirmation provided from the IG Delivery Team at NHS Digital to the CAG that the relevant Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) submission(s) has achieved the ‘Standards Met’ threshold.

  • The Genome Analysis Toolkit: a MapReduce framework for analyzing next-generation DNA sequencing data.

  • The Federal Agency Employee Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) Toolkit is available at

More Definitions of Toolkit

Toolkit consisting of GDG's software which when combined with commercially available software applications operating in a windows environment, and packaged with a set of instructions, appropriate interfaces, help screens and telephone support. will be all that is required for the Hyatt Parties, Hotels, and authorized third parties to develop content from multimedia sources, and set up interactive sequences for use on the system for generating revenue or obtaining information.
Toolkit is defined as: eRoom(R) Toolkit Software, any other associated machine-readable object code versions as well as other associated files (including all upgrades, patches and other files provided under Maintenance, if any); sample source code files included within Toolkit and supplied by Instinctive from time to time ("Sample Code"), and the Runtime eRoomAPI.dll file; and together with any associated media, printed materials and online or electronic documentation.
Toolkit means the series or group of specific computer programs, software, firmware, or equivalent hardware functionality, identified in Exhibit "A" which, on a non-exclusive basis, incorporates either (a) TIS Software or (b) any New Software either of which performs key or information recovery functions and which is packaged, marketed and licensed to be used by product developers who incorporate the key or information recovery functions into such product developer's products for redistribution, which Toolkit is not itself permitted or intended for use by End-User Customers. It is contemplated that this Agreement may encompass additional Toolkits at some future date. IBM may add or delete Toolkits to or from Exhibit "A" by providing written notice to TIS and such additional Toolkits shall be automatically licensed pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Toolkit means either or both of Terisa's SecureWeb Viewer Toolkit (the "Viewer Toolkit") and/or Terisa's SecureWeb Server Toolkit (the "Server Toolkit") as further identified in Exhibit A: Description Confidential treatment has been requested for portions of this exhibit. The copy filed herewith omits the information subject to the confidentiality request. Omissions are designated as * . A complete version of this exhibit has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Toolkit means a package of tools and documents necessary to use the Service.
Toolkit means our Advanced Editor Toolkit
Toolkit means the Software modules that, if licensed to you as set out in Appendix 1, enable you to configure certain aspects of the Software. (c) "Toolkit Configurations" mean the configurations you may make to the Software using the Toolkit. A.2